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The Voices Staff would like to thank the following people
and departments for their support:

The Communications Department

The English Department

The Women's College

Waleed Nasr, Multimedia Specialist

Sina Siar, Student Multimedia Specialist

Santa Monica Board of Trustees:

Dr. Margaret Quinones, Chair
Carole Currey, Vice Chair
Dr. Dorothy Ehrhart-Morrison
Dr. Nancy Greenstein
Graham Pope
Herb Roney
Annette Shamey

Dina Cervantes, Student Trustee

Dr. Piedad F. Robertson, Superintendent/President




The Women's College Faculty Spring 2004:

Diana Aghabegian
Brenda Antrim
Johanna Barker
Audrey Cramer
Maria Dell
Guido DelPiccolo
Claudia Garcia
Barbara Goldthwait
Nancy Grass Hemmert
Amber Katherine
Lesley Kawaguchi
Gail Livings
Ricky Manoff
Robert Massey
Aida Mostkoff
Christina Preciado
Eileen Rabach






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