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Tera Greene

Always play rock ballads on guitars
And remember:
We are all stars.

All stars even on feet, kisses on cheeks turn vixens into beat junkies
I have no idea what that means
But repeatedly, I sing the blues
“Baby, baby will you quit steppin’ on my new shoes?
Took me a while to acquire..”
And now my face is plastered all over the Nat’l Enquirer
Front page headline states
Take contacts out or you’ll feel sticky when you wake
Just. Great.
Sad, but it is all bad, but I’ve learned that moderation is key
In that of C, no sharps or flats makes far more easy harmony.
The wind slows steadily, telling all the smurf generation to
Spend Monopoly monies.
And all are always in awe of alliteration
While gyrating pelvises create sightings of rockability Elvises,
Along with Pac Shakur. The cure?
Sitting sipping silently, stacking seashells by the seashore.

Always play rock ballads on guitars.
And remember:
We! Are all…Stars.

Tera Greene, A.K.A Ms. Rose Poet, is a multi-faceted artist residing in Los Angeles, California. She dedicates herself to the pursuit of truth, love and happiness, and slangs Avon in her spare time.





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