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Systematic power and control is not confined to a violent home, or to an abusive guard or system, but is institutionalized in both private and public spheres. While writing my master’s thesis I looked through the lens of international human rights law and was able to critique the U.S.’s interpretation of such formal guarantees of justice. This consequentially, opened me up to thinking about avenues and strategies for reform....FULL REVIEW


Peace Now
Patricia Metzer

On March 2nd I participated in the Global Day of Protest in Hollywood. This was not my first demonstration against the Bush administration or the war. In fact, I considered myself somewhat of a veteran. My first march had been one year before, when millions around the globe had taken to the streets in protest against what the Bush Administration claims as foreign policy and against the crime of passion it calls the War on Terrorism....FULL REVIEW

CNA, Carla Mendoza
Misty Swift

Carla Mendoza is 51 years old and five feet tall with hazel eyes. At 6 a.m. on a typical work day Carla wakes, showers, makes coffee and takes her breakfast on the way in order to clock in promptly at seven. As a Certified Nurses’ Assistant, or CNA, in Pasadena, California, she starts her day changing sheets and diapers and logging vital signs on the care recipients’ charts. Once this is done there is an eight to eight-fifteen coffee break but as Carla points out, “If you talk with a patient a little too long or have some trouble with sheets or something, by the time you wheel the cart in, your break’s over.” Lunch is carted to the various rooms at twelve and afterward Carla has thirty minutes for lunch. She goes through the rounds again, clocks out at exactly three and makes the ten-minute drive to her second job where she starts at 3:30 and works until 11 p.m....FULL REVIEW


Why Cuba Remains One Step Ahead of Us
Richard Navarette

On my trip to Cuba, I had the privilege of experiencing firsthand the gains and achievements made possible through the Cuban Revolution. Despite four decades of economic blockades from the United States’ government, the Cuban Revolution has proven how the economic difficulties faced daily by its people have not affected the availability of social programs to every Cuban citizen. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Cuba’s source of income became heavily dependent on tourism. Once the richest country in Latin America, Cuba now ranks as one of the poorest. However, Cuba’s educational and health systems continue to be the best in the world. How does one country experiencing so many economic hardships continue to provide free education and health care to its people?FULL REVIEW


Why We Marched in Washington
Senta Erbe

Abortion is such a nasty topic for many people-particularly religious zealots who have tried time and again to impose their values on the whole population of the United States. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment guarantees the division of the State from the Church. Why then, in 2004, are our rights as free-Americans being hindered by people whom feel that their value system of anti-abortion sentiment should be supported by the state? And why has the administration of George W. Bush taken it upon themselves to promote legislation that will over-rule the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade, guaranteeing Americans the right to privacy, the right to choose? I don’t understand; what happened to my country? Where are my civil liberties? Where are my Rights? FULL REVIEW







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