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Double Standard, Double Paradigm
Alex Munos

In the world of women there is often a question of fairness, of equality, and of why there are some things men can do that women simply cannot get away with. Within our world there is a perspective that is used to evaluate, judge and assess the value of a woman that separates her from her inherent worth. This perspective is an angle. It cuts away at that which stands in and around its path so that space inside the angle appears complete. It renders a complete view from the perspective of the angle, however from the inside, it feels as thought something is missing. This angle creates a partial view of women that is incomplete and inaccurate. It is the woman who is cut into pieces so that she might fit inside this angle. Moreover, she cannot see that her attempts to walk within the angle and redeem herself are useless, for within this angle there must always be something lacking, that is the nature of an angle. ...FULL REVIEW


Selling Sex
Jessica Bieterman

Sex, women, and the media, seems to be a selling topic for commercial America. Nowadays, you can't even buy a Pepsi without thinking about sex. If you watch some of the ad's put out on television, I think you'll know what I'm talking about. In the past, Pepsi has had Halle Berry and Britney Spears as spokes people for Pepsi. I remember one commercial with a scantily clad Spears dancing around and singing a song about Pepsi, the commercial resembled more of a music video, than an advertisement, with a splatter of pyrotechnics and big, flashing neon signs.... FULL REVIEW


The Liberal Elite: A Myth in the Making
Steve Kurvink

When it comes to co-opting the language for political gain, conservatives often get the best of liberals. Over the years, we have seen “law and order”, “family values”, and “support the troops” become part of the verbal arsenal of the right. We have seen the epithet “political correctness” used to mock efforts to combat racism and sexism. ...FULL REVIEW






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