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What Every Woman Should Know About Cervical Cancer
Tanishia Wright and Senta Erbe

Every year about 10,520 women are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer. Of these women, 3900 of them die from the disease. Throughout the years, the number of diagnosed cases has increased dramatically. Cervical Cancer affects 500,000 women each year. Unlike other forms of cancer, cervical cancer is a sexually transmitted disease medically termed Human Papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is the name given to the group of viruses that includes more than 70 different strains of the disease that cause warts in several areas of the body. HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, and there is an estimated 20 million people infected with one version of the HPV strain. HPV is also one of the only viruses known to cause cancer in the cervix (National)....FULL REVIEW


Mark Rosenthal

On Thursday, May 6, 2004, against the advice of their own scientific advisors, the FDA, under the control of the Bush administration, barred over the counter sales of the morning after birth control pill, citing concerns about children as the justification for the denial of rights to adults.
This isn’t about abortion, people, it’s about choice.
It’s about whether or not women are to be considered equal citizens under the law.
Are women smart and capable enough to make their own decisions
About matters regarding their own bodies ...FULL REVIEW


Is Ignorance Keeping you Unwell?
Ronit Sky

For most women we start the path towards puberty and stress at an early age. Not only are we swamped with changing tampons, deodorants, and razors but new feelings and issues about sexuality arise. Although the social pressures on men to have sex tend to be to be heavier, the pressure for women to have sex has become stronger. We have slowly moved away from idealistic virginal expectations of women and have moved into a society that glamorizes sexy women having sex, virginal women having sex, and every other woman in the spectrum…having sex. But this enchanting orgy comes with consequences. Consequences such as: babies, AIDS, STD’s, STI’s—not to mention heart break and other emotional baggage. ...FULL REVIEW

Structural Integration
Misty Swift

Rachel Hall first became interested in Structural Integration when she went to massage school five years ago. After years of hearing about it, a personal endeavor to reconcile her psyche and her structure finally prompted Hall to experience Structural Integration firsthand. Session by session, as her body aligned through the therapy, she knew that this was something she would like to learn and share with others. Hall says, “After doing massage for years, I started to need to have more of a purpose with the bodies that I was working on. I wanted the chronic pain that I saw people experiencing to be gone. I sought to provide more than momentary relief and relaxation. I wanted to see changes taking place in people’s body’s that could last a lifetime. Structural Integration enables people to have a different body altogether, achieving alignment, flexibility, and balance that they probably have never known before. I wanted to work as a catalyst for this change.”...FULL REVIEW


Fertility in Both Sexes
Carla Garcia

There are millions of babies being born every single day. Unfortunately there are still an estimated 4.9 million American couples unable to conceive. What is causing this? I recently read an article that briefly explained this phenomenon. It was a study conducted by a Brazilian research team that argued that caffeine in coffee acts as a stimulant for sperm. Although this study is still under scrutiny, I took it upon myself to do some research on fertility....FULL REVIEW





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