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No Words
Tera Greene

I fucked up, put my heart on my sleeve,
Failed the attempt, the girl sure can be deceived.
With her slanted eyes, ebbed towards the flow of me,
The fucked up situation, call it Sarah and Jean.
They knew each other for the best of the time
They have a motive, each one a different one than Mine.
Sarah wants a lovely only to call her own,
Even though her Eve perseveres alone.

I’d like to fuck her in the mood nude of midnight.
She’s a vampire, stuck in twilight.
I’d like to banish you and take away your pain
You’d like to deceive me. You’ll enjoy the rain.

I put out the vulent* the made up ability.
She looked at me and I said fuck your tranquility-

And as she screams a thousand birds call into the morning dew…
She flips open the water bottle, sips the morning dew
She loves her maiden form, figures out nothing left to do.
She loves she does she does she does she..
She loves to be in love with you..
She loves to be in love with you..
She loves to be in love with you.

She loves to be in lust of you…
But more than anything, she loves just to love you.

*The author’s own hybridization of words to convey her specific feeling: violent and brash vulnerability




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