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Verònica Lòpez

Treated like I was not pulled out of your petite body
Naming me Pendeja, Estupida,
Never feeling the joy of your horgullo for your only child.
Yet you cry to everyone; how you’re the victim, never the abuser.
Despite your hard laboring and loveless upbringing
It seems only logical that you would be the outcome of what molded you.
Being that it has always been only you and I,
You would think we would be the best of friends.
But you chose to treat me like a red-headed stepchild.
While everyone else around praises your baby,
You just smirk with an expression, “Whatever”.

Pendeja: Dumb Ass
Estupida: Stupid
Horgullo: Pride

Verònica Lòpez was born and raised in Santa Monica, California; currently she is a sociology major at SMC and is involved with campus activities such as EOPS, Pico Partnership program, Adelante program, Black Collegians program, The Women’s College, and Disability Center. Writing has been a source of therapy for the author.





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