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Gift To You

Bullet through my head
Laying bloody on the bed
Emotions emptied silently
Brains gushing out violently
Choking on innocence
Starving for some guilt
Spirit searching serenity
So blind that it cant see
Taunted by the images
Left of you and me
Drove me to insanity
Horrid thoughts race through my head
Eyes flaming red
Mysteries held inside
False alabys I pried
Startled at your sudden appearance
Crimson juice you struggle to rinse
The fugitive who shot down my heart
Since then I fell apart
Climax expected
No one planned precaution
Afraid they would run
Nightmare proven right
Dark alleys; no light
Quest to the strawberry fields
Paused in response to the yield
Never again did I seek for answers
Gift to you, my life is yours

Hi, my name is Star I'm 13 years old and I go to Mt.Gleason Middle School. I really enjoy reading and writing.
I aspire to attend U.C. Berkeley upon graduation.
Peace Love Unity Respect





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