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Black Sexual Politics Up Close
Masayi Johnson

On May 7th, 2004 Santa Monica College had the privilege and honor to receive Dr. Patricia Hill Collins as a guest speaker. Listening to her speak was an unforgettable moment as Dr. Patricia Hill Collins
is a wonderful speaker with a great sense of humor. She represents one of the successful black women of the US, challenging the position of women, especially black women in the system. As a black feminist she not only expressed herself about women but also about Race, Gender and
Class as she did in her newest book entitled: Black Sexual Politics: African Americans, Gender, and the New Racism. ...FULL REVIEW


So Many Cool Careers….Which Path Will You Choose?
Rachelle Cohn and Judy White

What is a terrific way to learn about a career and figure out what you like, or what you don’t like? One really great way is to hear about it from somebody actually working in the field!...FULL REVIEW


Opening the Doors to Higher Education
Sonia Arriola

In recent study compiled by the American Association of University Women, Latinas were found less likely to graduate from high school then any other ethnic groups. Latinas were also found to be more likely to ten to domestic responsibilities, such as caring for younger siblings after school and were found less likely to complete a bachelor’s degree. One event is helping young Latinas overcome these statistics: The Latina Youth Conference. ...FULL REVIEW


Health Connections
Carla Garcia

On Thursday April 22. Santa Monica College had their annual Health fair. The fair was organizes by Gloria Lopez MSN., R.N. All the organizations that were present at the fair were very nice and welcoming to all the students who came and visited their booths. The organizations that were present offer specials and programs helpful for student with needs, and helpful solutions to their problems. Below is a list of organizations present at the fair and useful information in contacting them....FULL REVIEW

Little Sister Day
Carla Garcia

High school is a very difficult time in a young person’s life. Higher academic expectations coupled with hormonal changes and the need to fit in sometimes leads to making choices which negatively affect a person’s future. Drugs, teen pregnancies, or simply feeling overwhelmed causes many high school students to drop out. Luckily, there are many outreach groups which work to keep teenagers in school. One program at Santa Monica College which helps teenage girls look towards the future and continue their education is Little Sister Day....FULL REVIEW


Celebrating Triumphs
Carla Garcia

On May 5 we celebrate “Cinco de Mayo”, but do we know why we celebrate it? Cinco de Mayo commemorates the battle that took place in Puebla, Mexico against the French on May 5, 1862. On this day, 4,500 Mexican soldiers and citizens began a revolutionary sequence of events that would change that nation and the world. The men fought with farm tools against a French army 65,000 strong. The victory of the Mexican soldiers stopped the invasion of Mexico by the French. The battle has become a symbol of unity for all Latinos today....FULL REVIEW








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