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Sustainable Living
Alexandra Miano

Ecovillages, or communities who practice social, spiritual, and ecological sustainability, are springing up across the world. This movement has been encouraged through the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) which is divided into geographic groupings: GEN Europe and Africa, GEN Oceania, and the Ecovillage Network of the Americas. Members of this worldwide sustainable movement have the same goal. They wish to “counteract the decline of supportive social structures and destructive environmental practices”. Ecovillagers strive to achieve this vision through adapting their lifestyles away from the detrimental practices found in much of western society. Ecovillages that make up the Global Network (GEN) range from the 11,000 interconnected sustainable villages in rural Sri Lanka to the 48 unit apartment complexes found in urban Los Angeles ...FULL REVIEW

Making an Impact
Jamie Korshak

Over the last few decades, many local organizations and agencies were founded by women with environmental and social focuses at the community level. Many of these groups are involved in bettering the quality of life in their community through programs to rid their neighborhoods of pollution and violence. One noteworthy organization here in Southern California is the Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles. CCSCLA was first founded in 1985 by Robin Cannon. The success of the group is largely due to her hard work and vision ...FULL REVIEW


Women: The Antigen to the Overpopulation Epidemic
Emily Busch

Imminent environmental concerns plague the thoughts of many. While listening to a group of environmentally conscious students discuss the issues they felt were most pressing, I realized that the hierarchy of concerns varied from person to person. Some expressed concern about water scarcity and the worsening quality of water. Others felt climate change, caused by increased levels of CO2, was a primary matter. Still others maintained that habitat destruction, species extinction, deforestation, or our over fished oceans were the most vital discussion topics. When my turn came to target a specific issue, I uttered a concern that I, and many environmentalists, feel is the root cause for the vast array of environmental predicaments listed by my peers. My answer was overpopulation


A Sustainable Future That Works
Jamie Elfenbein

60,000: number of premature deaths that are caused by air pollution annually (American Lung Association). 1.2 billion: number of people worldwide who drink polluted water, causing hundreds of millions of cases of water related diseases every year and over 5 million deaths (The Ecologist).
1: Organization in Santa Monica that is dedicated to improve the status of our environment

Women and the Enviroment: A Look at the Link
Elektra Grant

FerrisKawar rocks. As a member of the Steering Committee of Environmentalists for John Kerry, he believes that the prevalence of females working as environmental stewards is a chief reason why a woman should be next in line for the United States presidency. His lead in to this stellar view was an opinion altering question, “Why do you think there are so many women working for environmental causes?”. Judging from the attendees at the environmentally themed classes I’ve taken and events I’ve attended, men appear well represented to me. But Ferris’ query became more understandable after I was gently twisting the arm of a young man who was considering becoming a Crew Leader in the Sustainable Works Student Program, one of the community services our environmental nonprofit offers. The student asked a little sheepishly, “But am I going to be the only guy doing this? ... FULL REVIEW







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