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Movie Review: Kill Bill Vol.2
Lunatic or Super-hero?
Ronit Sky

When most eight-year-old girls attempt a search for strong admirable women to idolize the pickins’ are slim. Sure, there’s Wonder-Woman and Cat-Woman. They’ve made slight fame, but they were never the main or important focus. In Quentin Tarantino’s two-part film KILL BILL, Uma Thurman, Beatrix Kiddo, sets her heart on doing just that… killing Bill. Beatrix doesn’t fall into any female stereo-types. She never looses a fight because she is a woman. Thurman creates a character that sees herself on the same level as everyone else. This film creates an equal cinematic environment and not an atmosphere that is bombarded with Superman saving a chick’s ass!

Beatrix doesn’t fall into the arms of any man. Nor is she cold, inhumane, or a bitch. She is a warm character that I admire. Although this film is very gory and only meant for adults, Beatrix is a super-hero that is placed, strength-wise, on the same level as any super-hero that most children are exposed to. She is a character and a role-model that more little girls should be exposed to.

Not only is she physically strong, she is emotionally and psychologically strong. She proves over and over that one can achieve anything, if they really want it. In the final 25 minutes of the film, Beatrix, proves that not all women (stereotypically) will succumb to a charming, rich, powerful man. When she finally kills her way to Bill she finds out that the baby she was pregnant with when Bill attempted to kill her was, in fact, still alive and well (she was told that her daughter died after the attack). This instant news and the charm of her murderer/lover would play with most anyone’s emotions and motives. Not Beatrix. Although she stays and listens to Bill and has a sweet good-bye, she kills him. She doesn’t back out and she isn’t over-powered by her feelings and love for him. She Kicks Ass! Everyone should see this movie!

Ronit is a Theatre and Women’s Studies Major and Santa Monica College.





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