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Movie Review: Kill Bill Vol.2
Lunatic or Super-hero?

Ronit Sky

When most eight-year-old girls attempt a search for strong admirable women to idolize the pickins’ are slim. Sure, there’s Wonder-Woman and Cat-Woman. They’ve made slight fame, but they were never the main or important focus. In Quentin Tarantino’s two-part film KILL BILL, Uma Thurman, Beatrix Kiddo, sets her heart on doing just that… killing Bill. Beatrix doesn’t fall into any female stereo-types. She never looses a fight because she is a woman. Thurman creates a character that sees herself on the same level as everyone else. This film creates an equal cinematic environment and not an atmosphere that is bombarded with Superman saving a chick’s ass! ...FULL REVIEW


Do Teen Movies Project Bad Self-Images for Girls?
Jessica Bieterman

With the April release of the Paramount film, "Mean Girls" starring teen starlet, Lindsay Lohan many like myself have questioned the type of formulaic crap being relayed out to the public, primarily teenage girls.
I fell in love with the romanticism John Hughes brought in the 1980's for all his classic teen movies, including "Sixteen Candles," "Pretty in Pink," "The Breakfast Club," and "Weird Science." John Hughes seemed to be a hero to young, angsty teens who were just trying to find their place in life....FULL REVIEW


Women Warriors’ Review
Ronit Sky

Teena Apeles’ book, Women Warriors, concentrates, solely, on heroines that most people overlook in history because they are women. Whether it is folklore or true history, our society is notorious for discrediting female heroic figures. If one takes an American History class in high school, not only are women not included in that history, but, it is told from a perspective that white men were the only warriors (or heroes). In Women Warriors, Apeles spends a section speaking about Lozen, who was known as the Woman Warrior. ...FULL REVIEW


Airport in the Round?
Ronit Sky

Although there is a big dirt pile that the SMC main campus has been centered around, our Theatre department isn’t piled underneath the dirt. We have moved to the cramped space at the Airport campus. ...FULL REVIEW


A Cunt, Between Melville and Fitzgerald
Ronit Sky

“The responsibility sits between our legs,” say Inga Muscio in the first page of her cunt lovin’ book Cunt. Her bold decision to talk about the un-talked-about, to laugh about the unseen, to invest the hidden, to love the unloved is what makes this book a book that all women and men should read. ...FULL REVIEW








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