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Airport in the Round?
Ronit Sky

Although there is a big dirt pile that the SMC main campus has been centered around, our Theatre department isn’t piled underneath the dirt. We have moved to the cramped space at the Airport campus. The theatre department has turned an airport hanger into a theatre—Theatre in the round: a theatre in which the audience surrounds the acting area/space. It has been an interesting venue of plays this year. Most appropriate for theatre in the round was Cirque Do Commedia by Terrin Adair-Lynch. She co-wrote/improvised this show with the actors that were cast in the show. She used stock characters that originated from Greek New comedy and Roman comedy. These characters included the Intriguer (Brighella), the Parasite, the Skeptic, the Virgin, the Courtesan, the Clever Slave (Harlequin), and the Braggart Soldier (Capitano). The play was set in a circus arena and had stock characters very similar to the ones just named. This show used the Hanger’s space very well and transformed this “inconvenience,” into great entertainment.

The big spring show that many, including me, are greatly looking forward to is Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, directed by Perviz Sawoski. It doesn’t open till the end of May, but Sawoski is known for very interesting and beautifully insightful work, everyone should see this show!

Ronit is a Theatre and a Women’s Studies Major at Santa Monica College.




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