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Taylor Horsley

see the faces pass
walk the roads taken long before
toes tighten in the sandy shore
love didn't scratch it tore
can you break the glass?

the candlelight is dim
hear the dead rills of laughter
staying dormant forever after
the child is left a bastard
there is no hope for him

secrets will transpire
say what you must say
color cannot change the gray
leading into another day
twisting into wreaths of fire

starving for you touch
ride the streetcar home again
life is played by foolish men
humans break but should not bend
we bleed too much

it seems hard to die
the yellow bird sat in its cage
singing wisdom like a sage
beauty does not stay it fades
can you see the lie?

Taylor Horsley will be attending Humboldt University in the fall as a junior and will be studying English literature. She loves finding obscure information having to do with history of music and old movies. She writes songs as well as poetry and short stories and hopes all the knowledge she accumulates will be put to good use.





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