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Rain Dove Spirit
Liana Frankel

Rain Dove Spirit, Winged Light, ascending,
Lightning streaking ‘cross the skies unending
Shimmering in the Dawn’s first lights
Through chill air, dark clouds, the rain
The hope and sorrow, the pain
Into unknown ethereal heights
My freedom’s joyful winged flights
On my soul journey’s destiny alights.
Beneath my wings, whatever gust or gale,
The crest of fate upon the winds I sail,
These limitless spaces, these forlorn sights,
Still will the Unfailing Will prevail
These earthly realms fade and pale.
When once aloft, winged through Winter’s trail
This dove’s wooing, soft songs cooing their love,
To the farthest abodes, reaching beyond and above,
Becoming essence, ever-evanescent past this veil
Of cloud-sown tears, unknown but to one through the years,
Now beyond the naked seeing-eye’s scope,
Determined be these worn wings, tireless of hope
Arising toward the quintessential horizon’s slope.
Within these heavenly realms where’er I roam
Shall you, my heart, be ever close to home.

Liana has been a poetically-inclined writer all her life. She is an ongoing SMC Phi Theta Kappa scholar and student who wants to devote her life to world friendship and spirituality, primarily through her involvement in promoting a variety of media arts projects.




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