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Holy Spirit
Liana Frankel

I am the Dream
Rising from reflective depths
Mirroring sunset upon dawn pools and tides.

I am the swirling misty sun rays
around dancing cosmic spheres
in the twilight of ancient years.

I am the sun-gathering ceremonial rite
encircling the dark seasons
within my light.

Bright candles of flickering spirits
Moving slowly, forward, inward

Closing in upon the night
In ever advancing strides
of warming unity, light upon light,
sphere upon sphere, wave upon wave
Till all that was here, is or will be
merge night into day
and even night and day disappear;
Illusive thralls all, along the Mystic

God bring us together in Thy Oneness and Might
So powerful is Thy light;
And I have miles to go, but will not sleep
Until the last willows weep
And the last great walls wail
Tired in their travail and pain of longing;

Songs and echoes always thronging
from the grave
Wave upon wave, sphere upon sphere,
light upon light

God bring us together in Thy Oneness and
Oh, so powerful is Thy light!

Liana has been a poetically inclined writer all her life. She is an ongoing SMC Phi Theta Kappa scholar and student who wants to devote her life to world friendship and spirituality, primarily through her involvement in promoting a variety of media arts projects.





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