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Summer 1996

Fernando Arrojo, Liberia

Gina Riveria, Three Poems

David Borofka, Mid-Clair

Bill Mohr, Two Poems

Bernard Cooper, Almost Like Language

Mary Otis, Candy King

Ehrich Wolfgang Skwara, Four Poems

Ronald Sukenick, Andy’s Story

Peter La Salle, The Enourmous Burden

Tom Carey, Bending In

Rebecca Childers, In the Body: Snapshots

Aliza Einhorn, Two Poems

Kris Vervaecke, You Girls

Stephen Ajay, The Spring Circus in Dharamsala

Shayda Abba, The Morning Train

Sal Salasin, Hi!

Sara Zoe Mondt, Something Like That

Greg Bottoms, Speaking in Tongues