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Spring 2003

Edward Goldman – “Hollywood Forever and Ever”

Gary Amdahl – “The Volunteer”

Trinie Dalton – “Fungus Mental Telepathy,” “War Foods” and “A Unicorn Lover’s Road Trip”

Jeff Percifield – “Uzbeck Diary”

Michael Guista – from “In Praise of Adolescence”

Judith Grossman – “I'm Not Through”

Greg Bills – from “Human Animal”

Eugene Ipavec – “A Report on Numismatic Trends of the Twentieth Century”

Paisley Rekdal – “Kokopelli”

Ed Skoog – “The Kansas-Nebraska Act”

John Peterson – “Plan B”

Diane Lefer – “The Prosperity of Cities and Desert Places”

Michael Cadnum – “Harm”

Robert Clark Young – “Mimi and Cecilia: A Recollection”