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Fall 1997

Amy Gerstler, Two Poems

Stacey Levine, Frances Johnson

Paul Finn, Two Poems

Harryette Mullen, Four Fictions

Eve Wood, Photograph of My Mother with Cocker Spaniel, 1945

Ben Slotky, Why It’s So Hard Being Me

Christian Kiefer, Ten Reasons Why I’m Like Charles Manson

Mary Herbert, Flying Phobia

Cathy Jacobwitz, Night of Ginger, Night of Plum

Ben Mosher, Untitled

Laura Lee Washburn, Two Poems

Steve Katz, Nelly Helps Joe

Kenward Elmslie, Sunday in Dunedin

Steven Carter, Test

Laura Kopchick, Leaving

Deborah Bogen, Two Poems

Michelle Latiolais, The Miner

Lokenath Bhattacharya, Two Poems

Michael Silverblatt, The Only Way Out: An Interview with Michael Ondaatje