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Fall 1996

Lee Montomery, Acknowledgements

Carol Muske Dukes, Introduction

Disasters In Love

Sandra Tsing Loh, Raiding the Larder

Julia Seltz, How to Marry a Republican

Allyson Shaw, Patsy is New in Town

Aimee Bender, Fugue

Disasters in Death and Dying

Jenny Cornuelle, Tongue

T. Coraghessan Boyle, The Sinking House

Benjamin Weissman, The Present

Charlie Hauck, Bust

John Peterson, Water, Blood, Leaves

Disasters in Cars

Harlan Ellison, Along the Scenic Route

Jerry Renek, Crying

Lawrence Thornton, White Coyote

John Steppling, The Chinese Girl’s Blindness

Disasters in the ’Hood

Jervey Tervalon, All Along the Watchtower

Judith Freeman, Wertheimer in the City

Robert Crais, The Man Who Knew Dick Bong

Disasters in Spirit, Imagination, and Thinking

Amy Gerstler, Dinosaurs

Rachel M. Resnick, Entertainment Tonight & Forever

Jay Gummerman, That Whole Ever-After Number

Michelle Latiolais, The Legal Case

Disasters of Earth and Man

Jim Krusoe, A Distant View of Hills

Peter Craig, Appease the Natives

John Mandelberg, May One

C. P. Rosenthal, Forever Burning

Carolyn See, Light Ages