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Fall 1988

Janice Shapiro, The Shining Path

Peter Schjeldahl, Unpublished Los Angeles Poems

Tom Clark, Two Poems

Peter Cashorali, Our Lover

Guy Davenport, A Gingham Dress

Norman Dubie, Easter Night, Paris

Alicia Ostriker, Intensive Care

Charles Baxter, The Boy Who Didn’t Drown

Maureen Owen, from Imaginary Income

Erika Taylor, Firing

Christina Zawadiwsky, Dying for Love and Sharing Failure

Robert Gregory, 2 Poems

Benjamin Weissman, Our Lizards

Bill Mohr, 3 Elegies

Kathleen Spivack, 2 Poems

Ann Beattie, Performers

Amy Gerstler, Poems & Prose