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Spring — 1990

Harvey Stromberg

Harvey Stromberg


“The number one priority for America is education. What’s at stake is the fate of the next couple of generations.”

When Harvey Stromberg talks, people listen. A lot of people. As host of his own KCRW talk show he has fielded questions about everything from glasnost to glitter-rock for ten years. For 15 years he has taught spirited current events classes—through SMC’s Emeritus College—to groups of senior citizens, sometimes 300 and 400 in number. And a Stromberg history class at SMC—where he is fond of arguing opposing points of view simultaneously is often a study as well in kinetic energy.

“I had the advantage of travel,” says Harvey in explaining his unique world view. “I was born in Canada, travelled in the Orient and was exposed to a lot of different cultures. I think I gained some skills,” he remembers, “just meeting all sorts of people and realizing how the rest of the world looks at America.”

Harvey feels that students at SMC have some of the advantages he did. “I credit Richard Moore,” says Harvey, “with bringing us into the international arena. My kids have learned that at SMC you can sit down with other people from around the world and learn from them.”

Harvey tells of one student, now a doctoral graduate, who 11 years after a Stromberg final exam, came back to tell him: “I didn’t learn history from you. But I learned a lot about life.” “That, for a teacher,” says Harvey, “is like nothing else.”