A drawing of SMC Emeritus

What is SMC Emeritus?

SMC Emeritus, started in 1975, is a noncredit older adult program of Santa Monica College. SMC Emeritus serves over 3,600 students annually and offers over 120 free classes of interest to senior citizens. All classes are held during the day at convenient locations throughout the community or at our home base on Second Street. The name Emeritus refers to people “retired with honor.” All older adults are welcome. For more information, call the SMC Emeritus office at 310-434-4306, visit our website at smc.edu/emeritus or stop by our office at 1227 Second Street, Santa Monica.

¿QuÉ es SMC Emeritus?

SMC Emeritus, inaugurado en 1975, es un programa sin creditos que ofrece Santa Monica College para adultos mayores. SMC Emeritus atiende a más de 3,600 estudiantes anualmente y ofrece más de 120 clases gratuitas de interés a personas de la tercera edad. Todas las clases se llevan a cabo durante el día en lugares accesibles en toda la communidad o en nuestra sede en Second Street. El nombre Emeritus se refiere a personas “jubiladas con honor.” Todos los adultos mayores son bienvenidos. Para más información, llame a la oficina de SMC Emeritus al 310-434-4306, visite nuestro sitio web en smc.edu/emeritus o acuda a nuestra oficina ubicada en 1227 Second Street, Santa Monica. Ofrecemos clases en español. Mire dentro de este catálogo para mayor información.

SMC Emeritus Staff

Dr. Scott C. Silverman, Associate Dean
Vivian Rankin-Scales, Program Coordinator
Lauri Arneson, Administrative Assistant
Jessica Riojas, Student Services Clerk


Mady Bergman, Judy Blits, London Carter, Walter Coronel, Pat Gorman, Fida Habib, Jeffrey Hogue, Suzie Kim, Cecelia Krippendorf, Shanta Lulla, Ruth Okin, Joseph “Wally” Pegram, Susan Shapiro, Lillia Singer, Joseph “Joe” Sipos, Alex Vital

Emeritus Advisory Council

Judy Blits, Chair; Michael Baroff, Nina Borwick, Evelyn Cohen, Walter Coronel, Jeanne Crawford, Marsha Franker, Dinah Hatton, Lee Kondo, Linda Rosenthal

SMC Board of Trustees

Dr. Margaret R. Quiñones-Perez, Chair; Dr. Nancy Greenstein, Vice Chair; Dr. Susan Aminoff; Dr. Louise Jaffe; Rob Rader; Dr. Sion Roy; Barry A. Snell; Brooke Harrington, Student Trustee; Dr. Kathryn E. Jeffery, Superintendent/President

This schedule is prepared by the Santa Monica College Office of Marketing

Donald Girard, Senior Director, Government Relations and Institutional Communications
Ming-Yea Wei, Marketing Design Analyst
Jonathan Ng, Senior Graphic Designer
Charles Mark-Walker, Graphic Designer
Vivian Chu, Graphic Designer
Paul Trautwein, Web Coordinator

Photography, Cover Design: Charles Mark-Walker
Santa Monica College Contributors: Dr. Kathryn E. Jeffery, Dr. Scott Silverman, Dr. Dione Carter, Vivian Rankin-Scales, Jessica Riojas, and Lauri Arneson.

Cover images are from the Emeritus Student Art Exhibition 2019
Teresa Amanfu, Janice Hanks, June Yamada

Front Cover:
Top: Janice Hanks, We Have Fire Everywhere!, acrylic on canvas
Middle: Teresa Amanfu, The Lady by the Lake, oil on canvas
Bottom: June Yamada, Emeritus Student 3

Back Cover:
Teresa Amanfu, The Hidden Stanza, oil on canvas

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