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Women’s Studies

Women’s/Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry analyzing structures of power, especially as they are grounded in gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, nationality, ability, and other inequalities. The women and men who enroll in these classes gain the opportunity to understand how social, historical, and psychological forces, organized by the central concept of gender, shape them as individuals; attain a fuller understanding of human behavior, culture, and society made possible by investigating women’s lives; and acquaint themselves with the experience of women of different economic classes, sexual orientations, and cultural and racial backgrounds.

WOM ST 10, Introduction to Women’s Studies 3 units

Transfer: UC, CSU IGETC AREA 4 (Social & Behavioral Sciences) Prerequisite: None. Skills Advisory: Eligibility for English 1.

Introduction to the study of women and men in society, covering comparative issues of social, political, and economic position in the workplace, family, cultural institutions; historical basis of women’s subordination; the female experience; the male experience; relations between women and men; intersections of ethnicity/race, class and gender; violence against women; cultural images of women and men; social roles of women and men and movements for social change.

Course Number:1675 Time:8 a.m.-10:05 a.m. MTWTh Location:HSS 152 Instructor:Young J A Above section 1675 is part of the Scholars Program and enrollment is limited to program participants. See Special Programs section of class schedule or smc.edu/scholars for additional information.

Course Number:1676 Time:12:30 p.m.-2:35 p.m. MTWTh Location:HSS 152 Instructor:Manoff R J

WOM ST 30, Women and Popular Culture 3 units

Transfer: UC, CSU Prerequisite: None. Skills Advisory: Eligibility for English 1.

Utilizing feminist theories and feminist analysis, this course examines the relationship between women and popular culture. Students will examine historical and contemporary images and roles of women in popular culture (including print, film, television, music, advertising, and consumerism) and situate these images and roles within changing socio-historical, political, and economic contexts. This course utilizes the lens of feminist theories to critically analyze how popular culture constructs gender and how these constructions become cultural norms and values. The intersection of gender, race, class, and sexual orientation is examined throughout the course and the relationship between popular culture and feminist movements is emphasized.

Course Number:1677 Time:10:15 a.m.-12:20 p.m. MTWTh Location:HSS 152 Instructor:Westerband Y

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