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Geographic Information Systems

GIS is a computer system for capturing, storing, managing, analyzing and visualizing geospatial information related to locations on Earth’s surface. We use GIS to combine various geospatial information in a digital environment to answer the questions “what is there?” and “why there?”. GIS has been widely used in our daily life, government agencies, as well as organizations of sizes in almost every industry. There is a growing interest in and awareness of the economic and strategic values of GIS.

GIS 25, Introduction to Cartography 3 units

Transfer: CSU Prerequisite: None.

This course provides a general introduction to Cartography, broadly defined as the art, science, and ethics of map making and map use. The emphases include map scale, map projection, reference and thematic map reading, symbolization and map design. A variety of modern geospatial technologies and tools are covered, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Remote Sensing, and web mapping. The course includes both lecture and hands-on application.

Geography 25 is the same course as GIS 25. Students may earn credit for one, but not both.

Course Number:4038 Time:5:45 p.m.-8:55 p.m. TTh Location:BUS 250 Instructor:Liu J Above section 4038 meets for 8 weeks, Jun 19 to Aug 09.

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