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Entertainment Technology

The Entertainment Technology program prepares students for careers in rapidly evolving design and media fields such as animation, digital media and game design through comprehensive, hands-on training.

The program is designed to meet the industry’s need for creative professionals who excel in developing ideas and have the technical proficiency to execute them. Our instructors are experienced professionals who bring first-hand knowledge of industry practices to the classroom and work in close collaboration with industry advisors to keep up with trends and changing requirements. In addition, participating companies often provide guest speakers and student internships.

We offer day, evening and weekend classes to provide educational opportunities to all students. In addition, selected Entertainment Technology courses are offered online through SMC’s Distance Education program. To learn more about the program, please visit

ET 3, Principles of Project Management 3 units

Transfer: CSU

Effective project management plays a key role in the execution and completion of interactive media projects. In this introductory course, students will learn step-by-step how a project develops and evolves through the project management process. Topics include planning, time management, risk management, team management, contract administration, and budgeting. Students will identify the components of a project management team, project manager roles and responsibilities, and organizational structures in interactive media. Case studies and problem solving will provide insight into practical applications of project management techniques.

Course Number:1381 Time:Arrange-9 Hours Location:ONLINE Instructor:Gast M W Above section 1381 is a Distance Education course conducted over the Internet. For additional information, go to

ET 11, Computer Skills for Digital Media 3 units

Transfer: CSU

This introductory course covers the computer skills, concepts, and essential software needed to work successfully in the fields of computer animation and interactive media. Students will learn the use of general computer skills such as file organization for projects, keyboard shortcuts, using local area networks, and using proper file suffixes. Digital image concepts such as vector and rastor images, color bit depth, and pixel dimensions will be introduced. Key software applications will be covered for rastor image editing, vector image editing, audio, web browsing, and spreadsheets.

Course Number:1382 Time:Arrange-15 Hours Location:ONLINE Instructor:Abode Jr P J Above section 1382 is a Distance Education course conducted over the Internet. For additional information, go to

ET 38, Digital Imaging for Design 2 3 units

Transfer: CSU Advisory: Graphic Design 64 (formerly same course as Entertainment Technology 37).

Building on previously developed, advanced Photoshop skills, this course will navigate students through the more highly advanced features of the program to create and manipulate images specifically for use in multimedia, digital video, 2D animation, and 3D animation. Topics include intense and extensive investigations into alpha channel creation and development, lighting effects generation within alpha channels and layer effects, displacement and bump mapping techniques, texture mapping relating to alpha channel and creature surface decoration, and the utilization of techniques incorporating Illustrator and Photoshop together.

Course Number:1383 Time:Arrange-15 Hours Location:ONLINE Instructor:Burns S M Above section 1383 is a Distance Education course conducted over the Internet. For additional information, go to

ET 61, History of Animation 3 units

Transfer: CSU

This course will explore the history of animation through its earliest beginnings to the present. In addition to the chronological order of events, this course will look at the multi-faceted aspects of this relatively modern art form. The influences of economics and social/political pressures on the art form will be examined. Included will be the study of individual animators and studios, big and small; different art techniques, materials 2D and 3D. The class will also examine the principles of movement and how they apply to the zoetrope as well as the computer.

Course Number:1384 Time:Arrange-9 Hours Location:ONLINE Instructor:Poirier N P Above section 1384 is a Distance Education course conducted over the Internet. For additional information, go to

ET 72, Career Development 2 units

Transfer: CSU

This course provides an overview of the strategies and techniques to develop a career within the entertainment industry, which includes jobs in the production of live action, animation, game, interactive, internet, visual effects, as well as performance and other entertainment fields. Students will learn to identify and research potential career paths in these various industries. They will develop personal marketing tools, such as resume, cover letter and other presentation materials (i.e. demo reels, personal websites, portfolios, etc.), that will help to brand and promote them into the industry. Networking skills and interviewing techniques will prepare them for any entry-level position in the entertainment industry.

Course Number:1385 Time:Arrange-6 Hours Location:ONLINE Instructor:Nagel J G Above section 1385 is a Distance Education course conducted over the Internet. For additional information, go to

ET 89, Figure Drawing 1 unit

Transfer: CSU

This course is designed for the advanced drawing student. Students completing this course will have a familiarity with all major issues involved in drawing and visualizing the figure as an animate, three-dimensional form, and will have developed perceptual and manual skills equal to the challenge of understanding the human body as a structure in space, in both static and dynamic modes. Comprehension of figure structure will be both anatomical and perspectival with special emphasis on developing a model of the human figure that can be easily visualized in the imagination and adapted for use in animation and related disciplines.

Course Number:1386 Time:1:30 p.m.-4:35 p.m. MW Location:CMD 286 Instructor:Karol-Crowther C I Above section 1386 meets at the Center for Media and Design, 1660 Stewart Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

ET 90A, Internship 1 unit

Transfer: CSU

Please see “Internships” section.

Course Number:1387 Time:Arrange-9 Hours Location: Instructor:Fria C T Above section 1387 meets for 8 weeks, Jun 18 to Aug 10.

ET 90B, Internship 2 units

Transfer: CSU

Please see “Internships” section.

Course Number:1388 Time:Arrange-16 Hours Location: Instructor:Fria C T Above section 1388 meets for 7 weeks, Jun 25 to Aug 10.

ET 95, Animal Drawing 2 units

Transfer: CSU

This course provides students with a working understanding of animal anatomy and movement and its comparison to human anatomy and movement. Students will develop skills in proportional and perspective analysis of animal forms. This class will teach students to sketch a variety of animals both from life and from other visualization techniques.

Course Number:1389 Time:9 a.m.-1 p.m. TWTh Location:CMD 286 Instructor:Robinson K C Above section 1389 meets at the Center for Media and Design, 1660 Stewart Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

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