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Welcome to SMC Emeritus

Dear Emeritus Community,

Welcome to Fall 2018!

Whether you are new to SMC Emeritus, or a veteran of the program, I hope you are looking forward to a great Fall semester. Each of you, and our wonderful faculty and staff, make Emeritus a great place to be. Jessica, Vivian, Lauri, our student workers Natalie and Marcia, and our many volunteers have been invaluable to me, and I appreciate all of their enthusiasm and time. Please join me in thanking them when you see them.

As you know, class attendance is really important, as every time a student attends class, we generate funding from the State Chancellor’s office. Though life sometimes gets in the way, I would like to encourage you not to cut class that often (something we also tell students on the Main Campus!). In addition to funding tied to each time you attend class, we also have a lot of students looking for seats in classes.

I appreciate getting a chance to visit with many classes, and plan to continue to do so, as well as meeting many of you. Please continue to submit your suggestion cards located on the 1st and 2nd floors. Over the summer, we have a few projects planned, including: installing our new Digital Signage; and revising the Student Learning Outcomes process to be more efficient and environmentally conscious. There are others as well, and as soon as we have definitive timelines, I will share updates on the aforementioned digital signage!

I am also incredibly proud of some ongoing opportunities to showcase the work of our students, whether it’s in the Art Gallery, the performances of the bands and choruses, readings from the Ongoing Moment and Emeritus Chronicles, etc. It was particularly nice to have our Gospel Chorus perform at SMC’s Spring Professional Flex Day, and perform again for Senator Ben Allen’s visit to Emeritus in May. On that note, let me extend my appreciation to each of you for your help in advocating for SMC Emeritus.

I also want to thank the ongoing efforts by the Emeritus Student Advisory Council for fundraising. Members of the Council, past and present, as well as other volunteers put in a lot of energy to making this happen, and none more than Walter Coronel and Judy Blits. We appreciate every gift, small or large, and I also appreciate and understand that not everyone has the ability to give. I encourage you to consider giving, if you have not already done so this calendar year — or giving more if you can.

Proud to be… SMC!

Dr. Scott C. Silverman
Associate Dean, SMC Emeritus

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