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Many SMC classes require the use of a computer with Internet access to reach class resources and/or to complete assignments and/or take exams. To locate a computer lab on campus go to www.smc.edu/acadcomp and click on the “Labs” link.

SMC In Focus

Stories of transformation and new possibilities from Santa Monica College’s bi-monthly newsletter. Read these stories and more at www.smc.edu/smcinfocus

Korinna and the Snow Leopard

Korinna Domingo was a hairstylist when she had a life-changing encounter with a snow leopard, which brought her to Santa Monica College. Today, she works tirelessly to save Los Angeles’s mountain lions.

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Inspired by an Eggbeater

A first-generation college student, Simon Valenzuela came to SMC and enrolled in the STEM Science and Research Initiative. Here, inspired by an eggbeater, Simon and his fellow students built a centrifuge. It took them to a national scientific conference.

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Marian Makes Art Happen

Marian Winsryg—SMC Art professor and director of the SMC Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery—works hard to attract and curate exhibits featuring some of today’s most prominent artists, keeping the College at the epicenter of the LA contemporary art scene.

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Creating a Sustainable Future

“An organic learning garden. A bike-friendly campus. “Green” student clubs. Degrees and courses focused on sustainability. All of these (and more!) prove that when it comes to sustainability, SMC talks the talk—and walks the walk.

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An English Adventure

22 Corsairs flew across the Atlantic for an adventure in the land of Shakespeare last spring—while another group went to South Korea. A new one-unit Global Field Studies course helps students develop a global perspective. This spring, Corsairs were to be found in Russia and Denmark!

Read about "An English Adventure" on the SMC website.

Teaching Outside the Box

Emeritus College

From flipping and clicking to gaming and tweeting, SMC professors use technology to change how students learn, and to help them participate in class, and grasp difficult concepts. It’s helping students gain skills and expertise that last beyond their time at SMC.

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