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English Skills – Group C

Courses below are open to English Placement Group C students. Assessment is required to determine class placement. See www.smc.edu/assessment. Course credit for Group C courses may not be applied towards the A.A. Degree.

ENGL 85, Reading and Writing 1 5 units

Prerequisite: None.

This course is designed to improve basic reading and writing skills necessary for college success. Students will develop reading comprehension, vocabulary, patterns of organization, and inferential techniques, and employ these skills in the prewriting and writing process. The integration of reading and writing enables students to apply what they have read to the writing process, starting with the paragraph and expanding to the basic essay. The course requires classroom work, lab work and homework. English 85 is offered as a credit/ no credit class.

1337 8:00a-11:30a MTWTh LA 200 Davison IV G S

12:00p-1:10p MW DRSCHR 308

1339 9:30a-1:00p MTWTh MC 3 Wright N E

1:15p-2:25p MW DRSCHR 315

1341 10:15a-1:45p MTWTh LA 217 Schnitzler A P

2:00p-3:10p TTh DRSCHR 308

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