Two dancers lock eyes during a routine

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Dance History and Appreciation

DANCE 2, Dance in American Culture 3 units

Transfer: UC, CSU

IGETC AREA 3A (Arts) Prerequisite: None. Advisory: Eligibility for English 1.

This course satisfies the Santa Monica College Global Citizenship requirement.

This course is a comparative and integrative study of world dance styles of the United States. Included is the study of Native American, European American, African American, Chicano/Latin American, and Asian American dance styles from their historical origins to the present. The study of dance traditions from both the technical and cultural perspective is presented in relation to social, theatrical and artistic dance. Observation and descriptive skills are learned through films, live performances and lectures.

1230 12:30p-2:35p MTWTh SCI 145 González G

NEW 1694 2:45p-4:50p MTWTh SCI 145 González G

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