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Special Programs

EOPS Program

EOPS supports the enrollment, retention, graduation, and transfer of Santa Monica College students who are challenged by economic and educational disadvantages. Our services include counseling, priority registration, tutoring, financial assistance, workshops, and free school supplies. For more information, visit our website at www.smc.edu/eops, stop by the EOPS office located in the Student Services Complex, Room 104, or call us at 310-434-4268.

Veterans’ Resource Center

The Veterans’ Resource Center at Santa Monica College serves military veterans entering college for the first time or returning to college to further their education. The Center acts as a liaison between SMC students and the Veterans Administration, verifying enrollment for veterans and their dependents who claim benefits under the G.I. Bill or the Veterans’ Vocational Rehabilitation Program. We can also assist veterans with referrals to various veteran-serving programs in the Los Angeles area. For more information, visit our website at www.smc.edu/veterans, stop by the VRC office located in the Liberal Arts building, Room 135, or call us at 310-434-8205.

First Year Experience Program

The First Year Experience (FYE) program, offered through SMC’s Welcome Center, helps you make a smooth transition from high school to college, sort out your career and education goals, and create a plan of action to reach those goals.

FYE will familiarize you with the SMC campus and its wide variety of student resources and programs (including Summer Bridge), and introduce you to a support network of students, faculty, and staff.

Other FYE benefits during your first year at SMC include:

  • Academic advising and options for a faster path to transfer;

  • Enrollment assistance;

  • Guaranteed enrollment in English and math classes;

  • Early registration for other classes;

  • Free tutoring and other support to help you improve your math, reading, writing, and study skills; and

  • Meeting with counselors on a regular basis to follow up with college and career plans.

To find out more about the First Year Experience program, stop by the Welcome Center or visit the FYE website (www.smc.edu/FYE). Please note that space is limited and students will be accepted into the FYE program on a first-come, first-served basis.

BUS 1, Introduction to Business • 3 units; UC, CSU

1093 10:15a-12:20p MTWTh BUS 106 Rockwell C

COM ST 11, Elements of Public Speaking • 3 units; UC, CSU

1149 8:00a-10:05a MTWTh LA 236 Trejo A D

1155 12:30p-2:35p MTWTh LA 236 Junius J A

GR DES 18, Introduction to Graphic Design Applications • 3 units; UC, CSU

1388 10:00a-1:00p TWTh AIR 133 Vruwink N R

Arrange-6 Hours

GR DES 65, Web Design 1 • 2 units; CSU

1687 1:30p-4:30p TWTh Air 133 Besler I H

Arrange 3 Hours

Black Collegians Program

The Santa Monica College Black Collegians is an academic-transfer program that promotes academic excellence and guides students through the transfer process. Students are assisted in examining their options for transfer and in completing an educational plan which will lead to transferring to the institution of their choice.

Since 1990, nearly four hundred SMC Black Collegians have transferred to four-year colleges and universities. They are currently attending or have graduated from institutions such as Spelman College, Howard University, CSU Long Beach, USC, Stanford, UCLA, and the University of California, Berkeley.

Some of the special benefits that students receive from the Black Collegians Program include: a personal counselor who will support and guide students throughout their stay at SMC; a special “College Success” course that will help students strengthen skills to enhance academic success; innovative academic and personal growth forums; a mentor who will advise and direct; access to a network of supportive peers, teachers and staff members; scholastic recognition and monetary awards.

Latino Center / Adelante Program

The Latino Center Adelante Program is a success-oriented program focusing on academic achievement, transfer, cultural awareness, and personal growth. Adelante classes are offered each semester and emphasize verbal, written, and critical thinking skills essential to college success. The classes accentuate the Latino experience within the context of a course’s subject, and most classes offer credits that are transferable to the UC and CSU systems.

Students who join Adelante:

  • Receive priority for enrolling in Adelante classes;

  • Participate in classes with a large Latino enrollment;

  • Join a network of Latino students and faculty;

  • Become eligible for specially designated Latino Center scholarships; and

  • Take classes with professors who have a special interest in promoting Latino student success.

The Adelante Program helps participants stay on track as they work toward meeting their educational goals. The support network offered by Adelante includes one-on-one bilingual counseling, peer mentoring, and the opportunity to develop supportive relationships with students, faculty, and staff.

For more information about the Adelante Program, please contact counselor Maria Martinez, or visit the Latino Center located in Counseling Complex next to Counseling. You may also visit the Latino Center webpage (www.smc.edu/latino).

Students who feel they can benefit from the opportunities offered by the Black Collegians Program are encouraged to apply in the Transfer/Counseling or the African American Collegian Centers. For additional information, contact Counselor Sherri Bradford, (310) 434-3635.

Santa Monica College provides access to its services, classes, and programs without regard to race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, handicap, or gender. All students are eligible to apply for special programs. Please see program coordinator or attend orientation for additional information.

Global Citizenship Degree Requirement

A student meeting the Global Citizenship degree requirement will develop an awareness of the diversity of cultures within the United States and/or an appreciation for the interconnectedness of cultural, ecological, economic, political, social and technological systems of the contemporary world. This prepares the student to make a responsible contribution to a rapidly changing global society. The student must take a minimum of three units in one of the following areas: American Cultures, Ecological Literacy, Global Studies, Service Learning, or a Santa Monica College Study Abroad Experience.

AHIS 11, Art Appreciation: Introduction to Global Visual Culture • 3 units; UC, CSU

1033 Arrange-9 Hours ONLINE Lee O

1034 Arrange-9 Hours ONLINE Thayer J

NEW 1731 Arrange-9 Hours ONLINE Meyer W J

AHIS 72, American Art History • 3 units; UC, CSU

1038 Arrange-9 Hours ONLINE Mihaylovich K W

1039 Arrange-9 Hours ONLINE Majstorovic M

1040 Arrange-9 Hours ONLINE Dastin E R

ANTHRO 2, Cultural Anthropology • 3 units; UC, CSU

1048 8:00a-10:05a MTWTh DRSCHR 205 Zane W W

1049 10:15a-12:20p MTWTh DRSCHR 205 Zane W W

1685 12:30p-2:35p MTWTh DRSCHR 207 Grebler G

ANTHRO 21, Peoples and Power in Latin America • 3 units; UC, CSU

1052 Arrange-9 Hours BELIZE Minzenberg E G

BIOL 9, Environmental Biology • 3 units; UC, CSU

1082 10:15a-12:20p MTWTh SCI 145 Jordan E A

1084 Arrange-9 Hours ONLINE Mclaughlin D

1085 Arrange-9 Hours ONLINE Sakurai D S

CHEM 9, Everyday Chemistry • 5 units; UC*, CSU

1117 1:30p-6:35p MW SCI 305 Mejia Leiva C N

1:30p-6:35p TTh SCI 140 Mejia Leiva C N

DANCE 2, Dance in American Culture • 3 units; UC, CSU

1230 12:30p-2:35p MTWTh SCI 145 Gonzalez G

ECE 11, Child, Family and Community • 3 units; UC, CSU

1245 2:45p-4:50p MTWTh BUNDY 328 Miller Ca L

1246 Arrange-6.5 Hours ONLINE Tannatt M G M

ENGL 9, Literature of California • 3 units; UC, CSU

1317 Arrange-9 Hours ONLINE Vishwanadha H

ENGL 10, Ethnic Literature of the U.S. • 3 units; UC, CSU

1318 Arrange-9 Hours ONLINE Remmes J

ENVRN 7, Introduction to Environmental Studies • 3 units; UC, CSU

4040 6:30p-9:40p TTh DRSCHR 136 Leddy G

GEOG 7, Introduction to Environmental Studies • 3 units; UC, CSU

4046 6:30p-9:40p TTh DRSCHR 136 Leddy G

GEOG 11, World Geography: Introduction to Global Studies • 3 units; UC, CSU

1385 12:30p-2:35p MTWTh DRSCHR 128 Kranz J

GLOBAL STUDIES 11, World Geography: Introduction to Global Studies • 3 units; UC, CSU

1387 12:30p-2:35p MTWTh DRSCHR 128 Kranz J

HEALTH 60, Multicultural Health and Healing Practices • 3 units; CSU

1400 10:00a-12:05p MTWTh BUNDY 328 Adler E

HIST 10, Ethnicity and American Culture • 3 units; UC*, CSU

1409 8:00a-10:05a MTWTh HSS 106 Kawaguchi L A

1410 10:15a-12:20p MTWTh HSS 106 Kawaguchi L A

1411 12:30p-2:35p MTWTh BUNDY 235 Wilkinson Jr E C

1412 12:30p-2:35p MTWTh HSS 106 Cruz J S

HIST 34, World Civilizations II • 3 units; UC, CSU

1426 Arrange-9 Hours ONLINE Vanbenschoten W D

LING 1, Introduction to Linguistics • 3 units; UC, CSU

1463 Arrange-9 Hours ONLINE Harclerode J E

1464 Arrange-9 Hours ONLINE Harclerode J E

MEDIA 10, Media, Gender, and Race • 3 units; UC*, CSU

1542 2:45p-4:50p MTWTh LS 106 Dickinson L M

1543 Arrange-9 Hours ONLINE Muñoz M E

1544 Arrange-9 Hours ONLINE Muñoz M E

MUSIC 33, Jazz in American Culture • 3 units; UC*, CSU

1555 10:15a-12:20p MTWTh PAC 114 Fiddmont F K

MUSIC 36, History of Rock Music • 3 units; UC, CSU

1556 12:30p-2:35p MTWTh A 214 Carter T M

NURSNG 60, Multicultural Health and Healing Practices • 3 units; CSU

1564 10:00a-12:05p MTWTh BUNDY 328 Adler E

WOM ST 20, Women, Feminisms, and Social Movements: A Global Approach • 3 units; UC, CSU

1676 12:30p-2:35p MTWTh HSS 153 Cueva B M

* (meets UC Berkeley American Cultures graduation requirement)

Scholars Program

The Scholars Program at Santa Monica College is a highly demanding, enriched educational program that prepares students with outstanding scholastic achievements for transfer to a four-year college or university. Students completing the Scholars Program are recognized as well-prepared and are guaranteed priority consideration at the junior level in most majors at:

  • University of California, Los Angeles,

  • University of California, Santa Cruz,

  • University of California, Irvine,

  • California State University, Northridge,

  • Loyola-Marymount University,

  • Occidental College,

  • Pomona College, and

  • Chapman College.

Scholars Program students receive a number of benefits including:

  • Priority registration at Santa Monica College;

  • A special Scholars counselor and Scholars tutor to help during their semesters at Santa Monica College;

  • Special Scholars Classes limited to 25 students;

  • Workshops and other assistance in registration, financial aid, and housing at their transfer institutions; and

  • Special invitations to a variety of programs at Santa Monica College and the participating universities.

To be eligible for the Scholars Program, students must first apply through the Scholars Program Office and meet the following requirements:


  • Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in high school,

  • Must be eligible to take English 1, and

  • Must write an essay to be evaluated by the Scholars Program Coordinator and the Scholars Counselor.

Continuing Students:

  • Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in at least 12 units of UC/CSU transferable courses and

  • Must have an A or B in English 21 or English 1 at SMC.

Once accepted into the program, students are required to:

  • Maintain a minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.0,

  • Complete special Scholars Program courses, and

  • Complete all pre-major and general education requirements set by their transfer ­institution.

The special Scholars Program courses are rigorous, university-level sections that satisfy general education requirements in the following areas:

  • English Composition and Critical Thinking

  • Life Science

  • Mathematics

  • Physical Science

  • Social Science

For further information, please call Teresa Garcia in the Scholars Program Office at (310) 434-4371.

Note: Scholars students will receive Scholars credit for any section of Biology 21 or 23.

ECON 1, Principles of Microeconomics • 3 units; UC, CSU

1251 8:00a-10:05a MTWTh HSS 152 Lee Sam

ECON 2, Principles of Macroeconomics • 3 units; UC, CSU

1259 10:15a-12:20p MTWTh HSS 152 Lee Sam

ENGL 2, Critical Analysis and Intermediate Composition • 3 units; UC, CSU

1303 10:15a-12:20p MTWTh DRSCHR 211 Padilla M R

PHILOS 51, Political Philosophy • 3 units; UC, CSU

1586 8:00a-10:05a MTWTh HSS 154 Oifer E R

POL SC 1, National and California Government • 3 units; UC, CSU

1607 8:00a-10:05a MTWTh HSS 252 Schultz C K

POL SC 51, Political Philosophy • 3 units; UC, CSU

1625 8:00a-10:05a MTWTh HSS 154 Oifer E R

SOCIOL 1, Introduction to Sociology • 3 units; UC, CSU

1639 10:15a-12:20p MTWTh HSS 154 Ziff E B
Above section 1639 uses a free-of-charge Open Educational Resource (OER) textbook.

WOM ST 10, Introduction to Women’s Studies • 3 units; UC, CSU

1674 10:15a-12:20p MTWTh HSS 150 Sutton D J

* (meets UC Berkeley American Cultures graduation requirement)

SRI/STEM Program

The Science Research Initiative (SRI) is an academic support program designed to assist students interested in pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics majors/careers. The SRI program will help program participants successfully complete their studies at SMC, transfer to ANY baccalaureate program, and/or enter the STEM workforce.

SRI/STEM designated classes are intended to assist SRI participants identify sections that will fulfill program requirements (i.e. Supplemental Instruction) and connect them with SRI/STEM program faculty.

SRI/STEM sections do not require any additional course work or special add codes. They are open to ALL SMC students who meet the existing course prerequisites.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an enriching, life-changing experience! There is no substitute for the experience of living in another culture and learning—first-hand—how others think, live, and work.

Santa Monica College offers faculty-led Study Abroad programs designed to take students to another country and immerse them in an exciting and engaging learning program. Each program gives students the opportunity to earn SMC credit as they expand their own intercultural awareness and foster a more global experience. Students who successfully complete a minimum of three semester units while attending a Study Abroad program will fulfill SMC’s Global Citizenship graduation requirement for the Associate degree.

For program information, please visit the IEC’s Study Abroad website (www.smc.edu/studyabroad).

Mentor Program in the Arts

Santa Monica College’s Mentor Program in the Arts provides extremely gifted students in the fine and applied arts with one-on-one support training by professionals in their special fields. Designed for individuals whose talents exceed the scope of the traditional curriculum at the College, the Mentor Program is tailored to students whose continuing education or professional careers depend on juried performances or compiled portfolios of work.

Students in the program embark on a course of study in an intense learning environment with individual or small-group instruction in two areas: art and music. The program usually includes a public exhibition or performance. Upon completing the program, students are individually guided through the process of transferring to a university, art school, music conservatory, or other appropriate institution to continue their studies. In some cases, students are helped to launch their professional careers directly through placement in apprenticeship programs or employment with professionals in the field.

To participate, students must demonstrate exceptional ability and commitment. Each department has its own policies for admission, prerequisites, and corequisites in the program. The selection process is determined by a faculty committee and includes a portfolio review or an audition. This review usually takes place at the end of a semester for participation in the program the following semester. Students selected may participate for up to four semesters under the direct supervision and guidance of a designated Mentor.

Through the SMC Associates support group, scholarships, materials, and other resources are often made available to help these students. Students interested in participating in the Mentor Program should contact the chair of the department in which they would like to study as soon as possible. For other information, contact the appropriate Department Chair.

Internship Program

An internship is an off-campus or on-campus work experience that is designed to enhance student learning in the classroom. Through internships, students achieve “Learning Objectives” designed to help expand career options, learn about the ‘work culture,’ and develop new job skills.

Students interested in becoming interns can go to www.smc.edu/internship to find out how to get involved in SMC’s Internship Program, and to

www.smc.edu/jobs4u to find out about the many kinds of internships that are available.

To be eligible for an internship class, a student must be a ‘continuing student’ at Santa Monica College. A continuing student is one who attended SMC the previous Fall or Spring semester and completed at least 6 units. For example, a Fall semester or Summer session intern is required to have attended SMC the previous Spring semester and completed at least 6 units. A Spring semester intern is required to have attended SMC the previous Fall semester and completed at least 6 units.

To enroll in an internship, students are required to attend a one-hour Internship Orientation meeting at the beginning of the semester. Visit our website (www.smc.edu/internship) or call the Career Services Center for the orientation meeting schedule.

Students earn college credit based on the number of internship hours worked. Each unit of college credit requires 60 hours of unpaid (volunteer), or 75 hours of paid work per semester. The General Internship classes are listed in this schedule of classes under Counseling and Testing. The classes are Counseling 90A, B, C, and D, and range from 1 to 4 units of credit. General Internships need not be related to the student’s educational or career goals.

F-1 students must see the immigration coordinator at the International Educational Center before enrolling in an internship.

Several departments at SMC also offer Specific Internships that are related to a student’s major or career goal. These internships combine on-the-job learning experiences with college curriculum, and are for students who are beginning, changing, or advancing in a career, or who are moving ahead in a major. Students can call the Career Services Center at (310) 434-4337 to find out which departments offer internships.

SMC’s Career Services Center hosts an Internship Fair each Spring semester, offering students the opportunity to meet potential employers and ask questions about the internships being offered. Visit our website (www.smc.edu/internship) to find out when the next Internship Fair will be held.

For further information or for help in finding an internship, call the Career Services Center at

(310) 434-4337, or visit our website (www.smc.edu/internship).

The Center for Media and Design

The Center for Media and Design (CMD) is an SMC satellite campus located in the heart of Silicon Beach—home to major media firms and some 500 technology-based companies. Launched in collaboration with industry employers, the CMD provides comprehensive instruction in rapidly evolving fields of design, media, communication, technology, and entertainment.

The state-of-the-art campus features numerous specialized classrooms and instructional spaces, as well as media production facilities, audio and video post-production facilities, a large auditorium, a digital gallery space, and a café. SMC’s highly regarded NPR radio station KCRW (89.9 FM) occupies its own three-story building at the CMD site.

The campus fosters a collaborative environment where instructors with first-hand knowledge of industry practices inspire students to become creative professionals who excel in developing ideas, and who have the technical proficiency to execute them.

The CMD is home to SMC’s ground-breaking Bachelor of Science degree program in Interaction Design, as well as the following innovative career technical programs:

  • Entertainment Technology (Animation, Digital Media, Game Design)

  • Graphic Design

  • Interior Architectural Design

  • Media Content Development (Broadcasting/New Media, Entertainment Marketing Production, Film, Journalism)

To find out more about SMC’s Center for Media and Design and its programs, please give us a call at (310) 434-3700.

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