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Many SMC classes require the use of a computer with Internet access to reach class resources and/or to complete assignments and/or take exams. To locate a computer lab on campus go to www.smc.edu/acadcomp and click on the “Labs” link.


Additional hours to be arranged in the Modern Language Lab for Elementary Portuguese. Most sections require the use of a computer with Internet access for class resources and/or to complete assignments.

PORTGS 1, Elementary Portuguese 1    5 units

Transfer: UC, CSU   •   IGETC Foreign Language (required for UC only)   •   Prerequisite: None.

This course satisfies the Santa Monica College Global Citizenship requirement.

This course, using the communicative approach, introduces the students to basic vocabulary and fundamental sentence structure in the present, preterit and imperfect tenses, and a general introduction to fundamental cultural differences between the United States and Lusophone countries. Basic aural and reading comprehension is developed and students hold simple conversations and write short compositions about present and past actions. This course provides a thorough basic introduction to the diverse cultures, customs and traditions and to historical and current events of the Portuguese-speaking world. The course is taught in Portuguese except in cases of linguistic difficulty as determined by the professor. Lab is required.

3169   9:30a-11:00a TTh   LA 214   Williams Am L

   9:30a-11:00a F   DRSCHR 213   Williams Am L

   Arrange-1 Hour    DRSCHR 219   

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