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Literature and Writing

BILING E01 Literature in Spanish

Taught in Spanish. Fiction, poetry and plays by Spanish and Latin American writers are discussed: Cervantes, Marti, Dario, Machado, Mistral, Vallejo, Garcia Lorca, Borges, Neruda, Onetti, Cortazar, and many others.

9730 9:00a-10:50a F VP TERRY Quiñones H C

BILING E02 French Literature

Explore a variety of literature written in French. Conducted in French, fluency recommended. Excellent for native speakers of French.

9731 2:00p-3:50p T EC 1227 409 Isner-Ball D R

ENGL E20 Literature: The Novel

9734 2:00p-3:50p M EC 1227 409 Dwyer F
A close reading, with class discussion, of the great novels that enrich and illuminate our lives. In the Fall 2017 semester we will begin working through Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.

ENGL E22 Short Story

Read and engage in lively discussions about short stories, both American and International, as well as contemporary and classic.

9735 10:00a-11:50a T EC 1227 408 Wali M

ENGL E23 Shakespeare

There are poets and there are playwrights, and then there is Shakespeare, the undisputed master of poetry and playwriting. Selected plays by William Shakespeare will be studied and discussed. A good time is guaranteed.

9736 9:00a-10:50a M EC 1227 107 Achorn J C

9737 11:00a-12:50p M EC 1227 107 Achorn J C

ENGL E24 Bible as Literature

“Double Cross: A Look at the Synoptic Gospels.” Study biblical writings and their use in contemporary settings. Examine life experience in light of Biblical literature. Class meets at The Santa Monica Synagogue (corner of 18th and Broadway in Santa Monica). Class is taught by Rabbi Jeff Marx.

9738 2:00p-3:50p Th SM SYNG Marx J A

ENGL E25 Literature: The American Novel

9739 9:00a-10:50a T EC 1227 409 Achorn J C
Explore the development of the American novel, the writers and their lives and times.

ENGL E27 Poetry and Fiction

9740 10:00a-11:50a W MALIBU SR CTR Davis C V
Contemporary American Literature: Cross Genre.

ENGL E29 Greek Literature

9741 11:30a-1:20p M EC 1227 409 Dwyer F
In many important ways, for better or for worse, we are all still Greek. We’ll explore what that means, as we read and discuss Greek drama, poetry, myth, and history. The Fall 2017 semester will begin with Euripides’ Electra, in the Janet Lembke-Kenneth L. Reckford translation.

ENGL E30 Creative Writing

9742 9:00a-11:15a M EC 1227 409 Kronsberg G J
Experiment with writing projects to explore style, content and effect from the basics to more sophisticated techniques.

9743 9:30a-11:45a T MALIBU SR CTR Reich E S
Come learn the art of skillful writing. All levels are welcome.

ENGL E33 Autobiography

Review and integrate the experiences that shaped your life. Share memories and create a family record. Receive guidance, inspiration and writing exercises to launch or continue autobiographical writing.

9744 9:00a-11:15a Th EC 1227 408 Wali M

9745 9:30a-11:45a S PAC 105 Fox Jr R W
Above 9745 section meets at the Performing Arts Center, 1310 11th Street.

9746 12:00p-2:15p S PAC 105 Wali M
Above 9746 section meets at the Performing Arts Center, 1310 11th Street.

9747 12:30p-2:45p F MALIBU SR CTR Reich E S

ENGL E34, Writing for Publication

This course will be split into three units of focus. The first unit will be spent writing and sharing new pieces of memoir, fiction or poetry. During the second unit, students will prepare their selected piece (or several short ones) for publication in the Emeritus Chronicles journal. Each student will give and receive several rounds of editorial feedback. During the third and last unit of this course, enrolled students will give editorial feedback to writers not enrolled in this class who also submitted pieces to the Emeritus Chronicles. This course will culminate in the assembly of the Emeritus Chronicles which will be published in the spring.

9827 1:00p-3:50p M EC 1227 408 Staff

ENGL E37 Writing Seminar

Develop and refine your writing skills in an informal round table atmosphere. Manuscripts of any genre are read and critiqued. Focus is on interchange of constructive comments.

9748 9:00a-11:50a Th EC 1227 409 Kronsberg G J

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