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Many SMC classes require the use of a computer with Internet access to reach class resources and/or to complete assignments and/or take exams. To locate a computer lab on campus go to www.smc.edu/acadcomp and click on the “Labs” link.


Students taking Early Childhood Education and Education courses that include field work may be required to pay for Live Scan fingerprint processing and/or a TB test.

There is a limitation of 6 units in Education that are transferable to the CSU. Please note, EDUC 1 and EDUC 2 are the courses recommended to students who wish to become teachers.

EDUC 1, Career Choices in Education 3 units

Transfer: UC, CSU

The course provides an introductory overview of the Early Childhood through 12th grade teaching profession. It will explore the philosophy, history and sociology of the American educational system with an emphasis on elements unique to the state of California. In addition, qualities of effective educators, elements and purposes of a professional portfolio, and critical issues in diverse contemporary classrooms will be addressed. Students will record school site observations that will be archived to a professional e-portfolio. Portfolio training will be provided within the course.

Students will perform up to 20 hours of field work in a school classroom.

1924 3:00p-6:05p Th BUNDY 321 Pérez-Fernandez L
Above section 1924 meets at the Bundy Campus, 3171 South Bundy Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90066.

1925 Arrange-6.5 Hours ONLINE Talleda M L
Above section 1925 meets for 8 weeks, Oct 23 to Dec 15, and is a Distance Education course conducted over the Internet. For additional information, go to www.smc.edu/OnlineEd.

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