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Many SMC classes require the use of a computer with Internet access to reach class resources and/or to complete assignments and/or take exams. To locate a computer lab on campus go to www.smc.edu/acadcomp and click on the “Labs” link.

Counseling – Adult Education

COUNS 906, American Sign Language Level 1 (Beginner) 0 units

Prerequisite: None.

This introductory course is designed for the student with little or no previous knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL). ASL is taught using an interactive approach, which includes classroom conversation, games and exercises. Students learn basic everyday communication skills, using signed words and finger spelling. Course content includes information about deaf culture and the deaf community.

7001 7:00p-9:05p T LS 101 Staff

7002 7:00p-9:05p Th MC 7 Staff

COUNS 910, ABI Connections 0 units

Prerequisite: None.

This course is taught in community settings for adults with acquired brain injuries. The course instructs students in retraining and increasing cognitive skills. Caregivers will be included in the instruction when desirable.

7003 1:00p-3:30p M BUNDY 216 Laille N

1:00p-3:30p TTh BUNDY 216 Staff
Above section 7003 meets at the Bundy Campus, 3171 South Bundy Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90066.

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