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Arts and Crafts

ART E00 Survey of Art

Survey of art: View selections from selected time periods and artists. Classes with “ITINERARY” listed as a location have field trips to galleries, museums, studios and site-specific works of art. For “ITINERARY” location classes, first meeting only at 1227 2nd St. to receive the itinerary—ask front desk for location of first meeting. Gallery tour schedules may change due to venue schedules.

9701   9:00a-10:50a F   EC 1227 409   Staff

9702   11:00a-12:50p T   ITINERARY   Walker C L

9703   1:00p-2:50p F   ITINERARY   Hero C J

9704   1:30p-3:20p W   ITINERARY   Hero C J

9705   1:30p-3:20p Th   ITINERARY   Hero C J

ART E06 Artistic Expression through Gardening

Meet first at the SE corner of 24th & Marguerita, north of Montana, to receive the itineraries.

9706   10:00a-11:50a M   ITINERARY   Jaeger J E

9707   10:00a-11:50a T   ITINERARY   Jaeger J E

ART E15 Drawing

9708   9:00a-11:15a T   EC 1227 205   James N M
Learn the basics of drawing realistically. Good for the beginner and students who would like to improve their drawing skills. A variety of materials and subjects will be included.

9709   9:00a-11:15a F   EC 1227 204   Hero C J
Advanced and experimental drawing: Focus on structure, form, value and visual perception. Discussion and attention are given to theories of contemporary practices in art.

9710   12:30p-2:45p F   EC 1227 204   Tirr C A
Drawing in color media: Beginning and advanced techniques using colored pencils and pastels to draw still life studies, landscapes and cityscapes. Some drawing experience would be helpful.

9711   12:30p-2:45p T   MALIBU   Trentham B M
Pastel painting of still-life, landscape and possibly “plein air” painting.

ART E16 Life Drawing Studio

9712   9:00a-11:50a W   EC 1227 204   Reynolds T
Draw the human form from a live model. Learn basic drawing skills, perception and eye-hand coordination, elements of design, composition and creativity.

ART E19 Painting

9715   9:00a-11:50a M   EC 1227 205   Harrison A B
Assignments are designed for the progressing student. A basic grasp of the fundamentals of painting is highly recommended.

9821   9:00a-11:50a Th   EC 1227 204   Adams L K
Painting in a variety of mediums and techniques: acrylics, oils, grounds, washes, layering, color mixing, and finishes. A few sessions will have a live model.

ART E20 Drawing and Painting

Multimedia drawing and painting for persons at all levels of skill. Learn about space, line, value and color in a workshop atmosphere.

9716   9:00a-11:15a M   EC 1227 204   Benson J K
Drawing and painting with emphasis on the portrait. Studio time split between working with live models and other in-class exercises.

9822   1:00p-3:50p Th   EC 1227 204   Adams L K
A few sessions in the above section will have a live model.

ART E21 Painting/Drawing, Oil and Acrylic

9717   9:00a-11:15a Th   EC 1227 205   Brutsche J
Learn to paint with traditional oil paint without using solvents. Paint still life setups or work from your own photos. Individual instruction and class demonstrations along with learning the technique of this method of painting in oil will enable you to paint in a healthier way.

9718   9:00a-11:15a F   EC 1227 205   Harrison A B
Learn the techniques of classical and contemporary masters, new painting techniques and expand your visual vocabulary. Painting with oils or acrylics for persons of all levels. Learn the basic techniques.

9719   11:30a-1:45p M   EC 1227 204   Benson J K

Interdisciplinary studio. For persons at all levels of skill. Learn about concept, composition, value and color in a workshop atmosphere. This section is endowed in the memory of Francis J. Abrahams.

ART E22 Watercolor

9720   9:00a-11:15a T   EC 1227 204   Manseau F J
Designed for beginning watercolorists. A techniques and methods class concentrating on the “how” of the medium: washes, brush strokes, color, value and composition.

9721   11:30a-1:45p T   EC 1227 204   Manseau F J
Intermediate watercolor. Review basics and further develop techniques toward a more personal creative result. Designed for students with some experience.

ART E24 Calligraphy II

9722   9:30a-11:20a F   1450 OCEAN   Martorello J M
Learn a variety of calligraphic hands. Enhance your project with grace and style.

ART E30 Watercolor Studio

9723   9:00a-11:50a Th   ITINERARY   Walker C L
All levels welcome. An outdoor studio class at a variety of urban cityscapes and natural gardens. Develop techniques and learn about new materials. Work in a supportive environment. Learn from group critiques. First meeting only at Clover Park (Ocean Park Blvd. & 25th Street) to get the itinerary.

9724   9:00a-11:50a F   ITINERARY   Tirr C A
An outdoor, “plein air” class meeting at a variety of locations for instruction in techniques, composition, selection of subject, and quickly capturing a landscape. Critiques are at the easel. The 1st meeting is at: Tongva Park on Main St., between Colorado Ave. & Olympic Dr., across the street from Santa Monica City Hall.

9725   12:00p-2:50p T   EC 1227 205   James N M
Watercolor, drawing, and design inspired by the beauty of nature and still life. Express yourself in watercolor. All levels are welcome.

9726   12:00p-2:50p W   EC 1227 204   Tirr C A
Studio watercolor covering the basics with a focus on strong composition and an understanding of the medium.

ART E55 Sculpture

9727   12:00p-2:15p Th   EC 1227 205   Benson J K
Become inspired creatively in three dimensions. Material options to be discussed on first day of class. Students will be introduced to sculpture processes involving clay, paper, wire, balsa wood, found objects, plaster of Paris, mold-making rubber and casting resin.

ART E80 Jewelry Making

9728   11:30a-1:45p Th   1450 OCEAN   Ryza S V
Advanced: Projects for this section are more complex, new projects weekly. Students should master basic jewelry skills prior to enrolling.

9729   2:00p-4:15p Th   1450 OCEAN   Ryza S V
Beginning: New projects weekly—knotting, wire wrapping, bead weaving, attaching clasps and more. Use a wide assortment of tools and materials. Students purchase their materials per guidelines. Bring any beads or tools you already own to the first class.

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