Art Department Faculty Exhibit - Fall 2013

Barrett Art Gallery

The Pete and Susan Barrett Art Gallery serves a diverse community of students, neighbors, and artists alike. It is an important resource for Santa Monica College students, faculty, and community, exposing them to a wide range of contemporary arts and ideas through a variety of artists, exhibits, and events.

The current faculty exhibit highlights the work of artists and designers whose job it is to teach, inspire, and help create a community for students to experience their own art practice.

Barrett Art Gallery
Santa Monica College
Santa Monica Performing Arts Center
1310 Eleventh Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Twisted Hourglass Generator I link Mountain Stream link 7868 Van Nuys Boulevard link Transcendence link Arid Eden link Gerenuk link The Forest Is My Home link

Faculty Artists

Jerrold Burchman
Ronn Davis
Don Emery
John Greco
Ricardo Harris Fuentes
Don Hartman
Carlson Hatton
Cole M. James
Anne Marie Karlsen
Yumi Kiyose
Marc Kompaneyets
Tom Lundquist
C J Mammarella
Robin Mitchell
Emiko Miyano
Ofunne Obiamiwe
Jeffery O’Connell
Nathan Ota
Franklyn Phillips
Lauren Richardson
Aili Schmeltz
Jane Shibata
Emily Silver
Christopher Synicky
Matthew Thomason
Marc Trujillo
Jim Urmston
Marian Winsryg
Eve Wood
John Zarcone

This schedule features seven of the thirty Santa Monica College faculty artists
represented in the fall 2013 exhibit. See more at:

Cover: Aili Schmeltz • Twisted Hourglass Generator I • graphite on paper • 2013