Literature and Writing

ENGL E23 Shakespeare

Selected plays by William Shakespeare will be studied and discussed.

9511   12:30p–2:20p   Tue   MALIBU SENIOR CTR   Tony Diniro

Selected plays by William Shakespeare, the undisputed master of poetry and playwriting.

ENGL E27 Poetry

Rediscover the world of poetry.

9512   10a–11:50a   Wed   MALIBU SENIOR CTR   Ellen Reich

Contemporary American Poetry and Prose: Come hear live poets and actors present contemporary poetry or prose and have the opportunity to discuss their work with them. You are encouraged to bring your own work to read as well.

ENGL E28 Plays and Playwrights

Discover the world of drama. Study the theater from a literary viewpoint and learn about plots, characters and the many interpretations through comparative analysis.

9525   11:30a–1:20p    Mon   1227 #409   Frank Dwyer

Russian Theatre: The Two Chekovs. A reading & discussion of two plays by Anton Chekhov. The Wood Demon, a play of life, love, laughter and hope. Uncle Vanya, the masterpiece written when the sky came down around his shoulders and he cannibalized The Wood Demon.

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