Home Arts and Maintenance  

CT E00 Getting Down But Not Dirty – What You Need to Know About Home Repair and Maintenance

9507   12p–2:15p   Mon   1227 #408   Margaret Ross

Don’t call that professional, do it yourself! Learn to rewire lamps, install dimmer switches or maybe even fix a leaky faucet. When you do need a professional, learn how to evaluate, hire and supervise. Where are your water, gas and electrical shut-offs and how do you use them? How can you get the most life out of your hot water heater? (Yes, it needs a little TLC, too.) The class emphasis is always on safety and reasonableness. No experience necessary.

HME EC E70 Needlecraft – I

Knitting techniques including the selection of materials, planning projects and finishing.

9508   1p–3:15p   Mon   1450 Ocean Patio Room   Rennie Skepner

Knitting for all levels – men too! New students are welcome. Individual and group instruction. Beginners will learn about techniques and materials. Students buy their own materials.

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