Health and Conditioning   

No street shoes are allowed in room 1227 #308. Please choose another classroom should you require shoes to exercise. The following courses maximize the physical conditioning benefits for older adults in accordance with the latest research. Students are encouraged to exercise regularly and to choose an appropriate level of workout in consultation with their physician.

Health E21 Yoga Health and Safety, Principles and Practices

Yoga for Seniors. Focus on flexibility, balance, circulation, breathing and muscle tone. Build flexibility, balance, circulation, breathing and muscle tone and learn to relax. Bring a personal yoga mat, pencil and a notebook.

9504   8:30a–10:20a   Wed, Fri 1227 #308   Marsha Walters

Beginners and new students learn at a gradual pace.

9513   9a–10:50a   Tue, Thu 1227 #308   Sonya Chapnick

For those with limited range of motion and students new to Yoga or looking for a reasonable level.

Health E24 Physical Fitness Principles and Practices

This course focuses on physical fitness and conditioning, principles to help older adults maintain or improve their health, safety and independence. It covers basic principles of anatomy and fitness, showing older adults how to improve their cardiovascular health, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, posture and balance.

9523   9:30a–10:45a   Mon, Wed 1227 #304   Karen Huner

9524   10:30a-11:45a   Tue, Thu 1227 #304   Brian Eskridge

Health E25 Strength & Stamina Training Principles and Practices

Older adults can maintain or improve their health and stamina through strength training using free weights, resistance devices and fitness techniques. The course emphasizes safe ways to start and maintain a program to increase strength, improve stamina and sustain bone density.

9521   8a–9:15a   Mon, Wed   1227 #304   Karen Huner

Strength Training and stamina development. Train in a safe and supportive program.

9522   9a–10:15a   Tue, Thu 1227 #304   Brian Eskridge

Learn to use 1- to 5- lb weights and other resistance techniques to strengthen muscles. Develop strength and stamina, build endurance.

HEALTH E63 Body Conditioning for the Disabled

Pathfinders Learn to cope with the effects of strokes. Restore energy, flexibility and range of motion through exercise.

9506    Arrange Time   Tue, Thu, Fri   1227 #307   Jeanne Adams, Barbara Phillips, Jiane Li

New students must call (310) 434–4442 for approval to register.

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