The description of the courses showing ITINERARY as a location requires the ability for students to traverse uneven ground and negotiate stairs. Volunteers handle registration information in a confidential manner. If you have concerns or questions about privacy, contact the Program Coordinator.

The World of Art

ART E01 Contemporary Art

9519   9a-10:50a   Mon   1227 #107   Eve Wood

This course provides older adults with a working knowledge of current trends in the art world, as well as a greater understanding of how art influences all of our lives. Older adults will develop an appreciation for contemporary art, and will compare and contrast specific pieces of art.

ART E03 Art and Architecture

Learn about the historical periods and styles of world architecture and influences in modern and local structures.

9516   9a–10:50a   Tue   1227 #107   Eve Wood

Directions in contemporary art and architecture.

ART E15 Drawing

9501   2p–4:15p   Wed   1227 #205   Bruce Trentham

Drawing and Painting in Pastel. Explore the medium in still-life, landscapes and cityscapes.

ART E20 Drawing and Painting

9502   9a–11:15a   Thu 1227 #205   Jacquelyn Brutsche

Work with the medium of your choice (no oils) as you learn to draw and paint still life setups, landscapes and master reproductions. Individual instruction and class demonstrations will give an understanding of composition, color, value and space. This class gives you the tools to make each painting a work of art.

ART E24 Calligraphy

9503   9a–10:50a   Fri   1450 Ocean   Marie Lewis

Mono line Play. Use different tools and styles of writing.

ART E25 Calligraphy II

9520   11a–12:50p   Fri   1450 Ocean   Marie Lewis

Use calligraphy in cards and books.