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Kinesiology Physical Education Team Sports

KIN PE 9C, Advanced Basketball    1 unit

Transfer: UC*, CSU • Prerequisite: Physical Education 9B.

This is an activity course designed with an emphasis on high level competition among students with previous experience. The course stresses advanced fundamentals and strategies.

1230   10:15a-12:20p MTWTh   GYM 100   Jenkins J M

Above section 1230 is recommended for varsity men basketball players.

1231   12:30p-2:35p MTWTh   GYM 100   Strong L M

Above section 1231 is recommended for varsity women basketball players.

KIN PE 45C, Advanced Softball    1 unit

Transfer: UC*, CSU • Prerequisite: None.

This course is designed for individuals with above average skills. Activities are centered around skills learned in KIN PE 45A game situations.

1232   3:00p-5:05p MTWTh   JA FIELD   Soto D P

Above section 1232 is recommended for varsity softball players.

KIN PE 57C, Advanced Volleyball    1 unit

Transfer: UC*, CSU • Prerequisite: Physical Education 57B.

This course covers advanced techniques and strategies of the game in a competitive class situation. The continuing development of high level skills is emphasized. One repeat allowed.

1238   4:00p-6:05p MTWTh   GYM 100   Mayer J L

Above section 1238 is recommended for varsity volleyball players.

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