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Fashion Design and Merchandising

FASHN 2, Color Analysis   3 units

Transfer: CSU • Prerequisite: None.

This course is an exploration of color theory and elements of design with emphasis on the expertise of color mixing and creative color combinations. Theory is applied to textile, fashion design, and fashion merchandising.

1199   8:00a-11:00a MTWTh   BUS 107   Lake R G

FASHN 9A, Fashion Illustration and Advertising    3 units

Transfer: CSU • Prerequisite: None.

This course will give students skill in drawing fashion figures and deals with contemporary idealized proportions used for fashion today for both fashion design and fashion merchandising. Students will develop individual style in their presentation, and learn to use their drawing as a means of communicating their ideas and designs.

1200   11:15a-1:20p MTWTh   BUS 107   Armstrong J I

FASHN 90A, Internship    1 unit

• Prerequisite: A grade point average of 2.0 and an approved internship prior to enrollment.

The Internship program is designed to provide the student with on-site practical experience in a related field.

1201   Arrange-12 Hours        Lowcock F E

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