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Health Education

See Kinesiology Physical Education Professional Courses PRO CR 12 for training in first aid.

HEALTH 10, Fundamentals of Healthful Living    3 units

Transfer: UC, CSU • Prerequisite: None.

This course is designed to develop proper attitudes toward healthful living. Topics include developmental tasks of young adults; mental health and stress; cause and prevention of diseases; effects of alcohol, tobacco and drugs; sexuality and fertility management; aging; and environmental and health management issues.

1412   10:15a-12:20p MTWTh   GYM 115   O’Fallon D R

1413   12:30p-2:35p MTWTh   MC 14   Chavez E C

HEALTH 60, Multicultural Health and Healing Practices    3 units

Transfer: CSU • Prerequisite: None.

This course satisfies the Santa Monica College Global Citizenship requirement.

This course introduces the student to the health and healing beliefs and practices among people from culturally diverse backgrounds. Cultural concepts applicable to health and wellness behavior are examined. The health, healing beliefs and practices of select American cultural groups: Native, Asian, African, Latino, and European, will be studied in the larger context of the American health care delivery system.

HEALTH 60 is the same course as NURSNG 60. Students may earn credit for one but not both.

1414   Arrange-9Hrs   ONLINE-E   Adler E

   10:15a-12:20p MTWTh   BUNDY 216   Adler E

Above section 1414 is a hybrid class taught online via the Internet and at the Bundy Campus, 3171 South Bundy Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90066. For additional information, go to smconline.org (schedule of classes). This class will be taught online June 23-July 6. Beginning July 7 the class will meet at the Bundy campus.

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