News from the SMC Associate Dean of Emeritus College

January 2014

Dear Emeritus College Students and Community,

As you will notice in this spring 2014 schedule of classes, it appears that state funding of education is slowly beginning to improve. You will notice a slight increase in class offerings over the fall semester. We appreciate the leadership of the senior administration and the Santa Monica Community College District Board of Trustees for their continued support during this long and excruciating recession that began in 2008. While other older adult education programs were eliminated, our Board of Trustees remains committed to Emeritus College.

Emeritus College continued to maintain classes in all areas of instruction during the recession which began in 2008. Superintendent/President, Dr. Chui Tsang and the Board of Trustees made the commitment to the Emeritus College students, “…as long as there is Santa Monica College, there will be Emeritus College…”

I am grateful to the support of the Santa Monica College Foundation. With the interest from the Emeritus College Fund; an additional 59 sections were added to the winter 2014 session, for a total of 85 sections. I wish to express a very grateful thank you to all students who have given generously over the years; your support enabled Emeritus to have a full 2014 winter session which benefits all Emeritus College students.

We remain watchful of state legislation proposals which may affect non-credit older adult education. We will keep the Emeritus community informed of any information coming our way. We receive communication from other older adult programs and the state Chancellor’s Office and will relay this information to you as soon as we hear of any developments. Please regularly check your Santa Monica College student email for updates and announcements.

I am optimistic that as Emeritus College moves forward, if we continue to work together in a collaborative spirit; no obstacle is insurmountable. The spirit of the Emeritus students, faculty, and staff is positive and confident. Thank you for your support as we continue to build our future here at Emeritus College.

Warm regards,

Ron Furuyama
SMC Associate Dean, Emeritus College
A Program of Santa Monica College