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Additional hours to be arranged in the Modern Language Lab for Elementary Persian.

PERSIN 2, Elementary Persian II    5 units

Transfer: UC, CSU • IGETC AREA 3B (Arts and Humanities), Foreign Language (required for UC only) • Prerequisite: Persian 1*.

In this course, students are expected to utilize the knowledge of Persian in Persian 1 to expand their vocabulary and familiarize themselves with various forms of the language. In addition to preparing students for further language acquisition, this course also acquaints students with important elements of the literatures and cultures of the Persian-speaking world. Language lab is required.

*The prerequisite for this course is comparable to two years of high school Persian.

4400   7:30p-9:55p TTh   MC 16   Pourzangi Abadi B

   Arrange-1 Hour    DRSCHR 219   

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