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Additional hours to be arranged in the Modern Language Lab for Elementary Korean.

KOREAN 1, Elementary Korean I   5 units

Transfer: UC, CSU • IGETC Foreign Language (required for UC only) • Prerequisite: None.

This course teaches the Korean Hangul by applying the natural approach in the classroom. The materials are designed to encourage the students to feel free to interact in Korean as naturally and as spontaneously as possible. It introduces vocabulary skills, decoding skills, and fundamental sentence structures in the present and past. Pronunciation, grammar, and everyday vocabulary are stressed as indispensable tools for comprehension and expression. Aspects of Korean culture and history are covered as well. Language lab is required.

2540   7:45a-9:15a MWF   DRSCHR 213   Cha J

   Arrange-1 Hour    DRSCHR 219   

2541   9:30a-11:00a MWF   DRSCHR 213   Cha J

   Arrange-1 Hour    DRSCHR 219   

KOREAN 2, Elementary Korean II    5 units

Transfer: UC, CSU • IGETC AREA 3B (Arts and Humanities), Foreign Language (required for UC only) • Prerequisite: Korean 1*.

This course is a continuation of Korean 1. Using the natural approach, this course stresses vocabulary and fundamental sentence structure in the past and future indicative tenses and in the subjunctive mode. Basic aural and reading comprehension is also developed. Students will hold simple conversations, learning common sayings, and write short compositions about past and future actions. Readings of simplified texts and study of Korean culture are included. Language lab is required.

*The prerequisite for this course is comparable to two years of high school Korean.

2542   2:30p-4:55p MW   HSS 252   Kim Ju

   Arrange-1 Hour    DRSCHR 219   

KOREAN 4, Intermediate Korean 2    5 units

Transfer: UC, CSU • IGETC AREA 3B (Humanities) • Prerequisite: Korean 3 or equivalent skills.

This course builds on language skills developed in Korean 3. The course will review and expand on intermediate Korean grammar, provide practice in the use of set phrases and idioms, and further develop skills in reading and writing. It will enrich vocabulary, further develop reading comprehension, provide opportunity for improving intermediate level writing and conversational skills; and it will encompass aspects of Korean culture and history. This course is taught in Korean unless in cases of linguistic difficulty as determined by the professor.

2543   12:45p-2:15p MWF   DRSCHR 213   Cha J

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