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ENGR 12, Statics   3 units

Transfer: UC, CSU • Prerequisite: Physics 21 and Math 7.

This course covers the following: forces in plane and space including a complete overview of vector analysis; Newton’s first and third laws of motion; external and internal forces, moment of force about a point and about axes; concepts of couples and their application; equivalent system of forces and couples; free body diagram; equilibrium of rigid bodies in two and three dimensional space including reactions at supports, and connections; centroid and center of gravity; analysis of trusses by methods of joints, sections, and graphical method; analysis of frames, machines, and beams under various types of loads and supports; shear and bending moment diagrams for beams and frames; complete coverage of friction; rectangular and polar second moment of area, or moment of inertia; principles of virtual work and its applications.

2092   4:00p-5:30p TTh   SCI 153   Farivar D

ENGR 16, Dynamics    3 units

Transfer: UC, CSU • Prerequisite: Engineering 12.

This course provides essential tools for predicting the behavior and motion of engineering systems under the influence of forces. Successful prediction of the behavior of a system requires a careful formulation of the problems through both physical and mathematical reasoning. The objective of this course is to aid students in developing a dual thought process for both the physical and mathematical understanding of problems involving the motion of bodies under the influence of forces. Topics covered include kinematics and dynamics particles; Newton’s Law of Gravitation; principle of work and energy; conservation laws of mechanics; kinematics and dynamics of rigid bodies, including equations of motion, principle of work and energy, impulse, and momentum; and mechanical vibration.

4186   6:30p-8:00p TTh   SCI 153   Farivar D

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