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ACCTG 1, Introduction to Financial Accounting    5 units

Transfer: UC, CSU • Prerequisite: None. • Advisory: Math 20.

This course introduces the student to the sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporate forms of ownership. This course also familiarizes the student with recording, classifying and interpreting financial data for service and merchandising businesses. It includes a study of the journals, ledgers and financial statements used by these entities. Also covered are computerized accounting systems, internal control, ethics, cash, accounts and notes receivable, merchandise inventory, plant assets and intangible assets, liabilities, and equity accounts.

1151   8:30a-12:00p MTWTh   BUS 254   Brookins G

ACCTG 2, Corporate Financial and Managerial Accounting    5 units

Transfer: UC, CSU • Prerequisite: Accounting 1.

This course continues the study of introductory financial accounting principles begun in Accounting 1 and also covers introductory managerial accounting. The financial accounting portion of the course covers the corporate form of business organization, bond financing, installment notes and other long-term liabilities, investments in debt and equity securities, international operations and the Statement of Cash Flows. Financial statement analysis and full-absorption costing for manufacturing businesses completes the financial accounting portion of the course and transitions the focus to managerial accounting and internal users rather than third party users of financial statements. Managerial accounting study includes cost accounting for special order and for mass produced goods, including just-in-time and total quality management approaches. Also studied are cost allocation among business divisions, performance measurement, cost-volume-profit analysis, budgeting, standard costing, and decision making processes.

1152   8:30a-12:00p MTWTh   BUS 263   Trippetti V J

ACCTG 10A, Intermediate Accounting A    3 units

Transfer: CSU • Prerequisite: Accounting 2.

Basic pronouncements of the Financial Accounting Standards Board and their applications to accounting are covered in this course, along with cash, receivables, temporary investments, the time value of money, income and cash flow statements and estimating procedures.

1270   Arrange-9 Hours    ONLINE-E   Lu M

Above section 1270 is a Distance Education course conducted over the Internet. For additional information, go to smconline.org (schedule of classes).