Employment for Seniors – Computer Training


• Introduction to Computers;

• Word Processing – Beginning;

• Word Processing – Intermediate;

• Data Management;

• Working with Photos;

• Using the Internet.

Put “ALT” by second or third choice for a chance to be enrolled in at least one. Students will learn how to use computers confidently, and become familiar with basic concepts, terms and skills related to the Microsoft Windows Operating System and other software programs. Bring a flash drive to class. Depending upon the instructor, a textbook may be used for this course. Your instructor will provide details.

OCC E00   Instructional Lab

9812   1:30p–3:20p   Thu   1227 #208   Steve Strate

Instructional Lab: Introduction to Computers is required prior to enrolling in this section. This special lab is supplemental tutorial support via review and practice of the skills learned in a concurrent EC computer class. You must be enrolled in an EC computer section to attend.

OCC E00   Computer Mini-Lab

Open lab for EC students only.

9813   See posted schedule   Mon-Fri   1227 #209    Volunteers

Open Lab: This lab is available to current Emeritus students. Computer students have priority. Present your bursar’s receipt to validate your enrollment. The 5–station lab is open subject to volunteer availability.

OCC E00   Introduction to Computers

Learn about hardware, software, keyboard keys, the mouse and open documents and folders.

9811   9a-10:50p   Thu   1227 #208   Steve Strate

OCC E01   Word Processing – Beginning

Keyboard experience is required.

9814   9a-10:50a   Mon   1227 #208   Antoinette Simmonds

9817   11a-12:50a   Tue   1227 #208   Hanne Espinosa-Frech

9818   11a-12:50p   Fri   1227 #208   Hanne Espinosa-Frech

Learn the basics of creating documents, draft letters and construct professional looking products using Microsoft Office. Keyboard experience is helpful or required. Please check with the instructor for the specifics of each class.

OCC E01   Word Processing – Intermediate

9816   11a-12:50p   Mon   1227 #208   Antoinette Simmonds

9819   1p-2:50p   Mon   1227 #208   Ken Buckner

Microsoft Word, for the intermediate user. If you know how to type, format Bold, insert Tables and other basic editing steps, and want more, then this is the class for you. It’s more complete and demanding than courses for the beginner.

OCC E10   Using Data Files for Older Adults

Microsoft Excel. Some experience with Microsoft Office is recommended. Perform calculations, analyze information and visualize data in spreadsheets

9820   3p–4:50p   Tue   1227 #208   Ken Buckner

OCC E20   Using the Internet Safely for Older Adults

Make the most of the Internet. Learn about e-mail, Internet security, identity theft and Web resources, viruses, firewalls, and system protection.

9821   9a-10:50a   Tue   1227 #208   Judy Blits

Living On-Line. Key concepts, tools and techniques for independent and self-confident learning on computers. Topics include researching and reading current, relevant subject matter and communicating and sharing with others on-line.

9822   11a–12:50p   Wed   1227 #208   Ken Buckner

Introduction to the Internet – Learn the secrets of safely searching for information on the Internet, and sending and receiving emails, or attaching and sending pictures to friends and family.

9823   11a-12:50p   Thu   1227 #208   Steve Strate

Develop confidence using the internet. Learn how to safely use e-mail and surf the internet. Build your skills and understanding of the computer.

PHOTO E00, Learn to use a camera

9824   9a-10:50a   Tue   1227 #107   Gerald Schneir

Introduction to digital photography for students with some digital camera experience and those interested in free photo editing programs such as Picasa and FastStone. Bring your camera, manuals and laptop if you have one.

PHOTO E10   Creating Digital Photos for Older Adults

For the beginner.

9825   9a-10:50a   Wed   1227 #208   Ken Buckner

9826   3p–4:50p   Mon   1227 #208   Ken Buckner

9827   9a–10:50a   Fri   1227 #208   Hanne Espinosa–Frech

Beginning Photography – Designed for the digital photographer initiate, taking pictures, transferring them to your computer, beginning cropping, editing and color corrections using Photoshop Elements 10.0.

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